The Fast and Furious FK UP

THIS IS A RANT FOR PUBLIC VIEWING. I know not all had dumb and sinister intentions, but some truly have! Their names may not even be on credits anywhere. Some may even be dead from a street fight at some point by now.

After I helped create the Fast and Furious movie franchise… in my childhood… WITH ADULTS… how many MEN, gangsters especially… suddenly rose up and WANTED TO “BE ME”? No kidding. HOW MANY? They REALLY FKD UP MY LIFE. OTHERS TOO. Because some ARE NOT LEGAL IN THE U.S., NEVER WERE. They got involved and messed up all kinds of normal people who USED TO work for Hollywood, and I don’t think this was appropriate. Some, maybe many… are not even creative or business people, had guns, not money. This is NOT what the movie series was about. It wasn’t about destroying lives. It was supposed to enforce family and friendship values. And hell yes, have good times. Criminal and not.

Offscreen… Even g’damn criminal politicians got involved or showed up at that series. So WTF happened???????