The Ownership or the Old Friend?

Really, have you ever gone to a big beautiful mansion as a guest and when you arrived and brought inside another guest greeted you and the implication was it was THEIR HOME? What if you DIDN’T ask and ASSUMED it was this person’s home and they also were waiting to meet someone there?

Then… you both decide to walk and talk around… and you the guest have to leave before the owner or renter comes back? If you are criminal minded… do you leave and order “hits” to rob the place believing the guest is the owner and “easy one to kidnap” or mess with? What if you saw that big mansion guest again later at a very inexpensive store like KMART? Would you think they are an imposter? A fraud? Would you treat them like the mansion owner? Or stop and ask them again who they are? What if you again were criminal minded or crazy or just not thinking… and later started RUMORS, slander… that the person you met at the mansion was a fraud, not wealthy… and yet… you never knew their actual net worth? And what if they were the actual mansion owner and you blew them off because they were at a KMART or CVS? What if you started talking again and then find out this person is NOT THE SAME ONE as the one at the mansion you had a conversation with yet they knew WHO YOU ARE–and they are an imposter who may or may not know the guest or the mansion owner but have info on them?

Fraud Cake

(not all that different than word salad)

There are specific ways to make a cake that people can eat.
There are many unspecific ways to make a cake people cannot eat.

A fraud cake may look like a dog bowl with some sand and dirt, p-ss, dandruff, leaves from the ground around it… maybe even some leftover meat sitting on the ground from lunch that has ants on it. This can be stirred with fingers, a stick, even a shoe. It doesn’t need baking. It can be served to any one who asks for it.

Like the Emperors New Clothes, anyone can receive the bowl and accept it, call it “cake”. No one is going to force them not to.