Clever Elf (this one) is Retired from Hollywood’s Workshop

What did I just retire from this year?

Helping create projects and products for people to work on. That’s the best way to explain it. To big people, I probably just looked like a small clever elf who had some ideas they used. They want me done so they can chat with other “elves” and “helpers” now. So I’m exiting the “Hollywood workshop”.

It isn’t clear to me who made me a “clever elf” for Hollywood/Bollywood people. It does appear I stayed an “artist child” who visited and was not employed, didn’t have a career with the entertainment capital of the U.S. (not sure if it is world or not now).

I can’t be an “ideation expert” for others. I wasn’t actually hired for it, just used. I was used as a stand in for others too I guess. I am done now though.

There are probably women too, many of them! I personally am not needed. Others have taken my place in person most of the time anyway. Best wishes to you all!