Felony Colony of the United States?

I’m apparently still be threatened with a felony for writings on Twitter and other social media since around 2019 or so. I’ve asked of the District Attorney to assign me a person TO HIRE to buddy me on posting and he/they and the court won’t. So the threat remains of me getting drugged regularly or they want to give me a felony. There is some history on this.

When I was a child, before even grade school… I was in Hawaii kidnapped by criminals escaped from Ukraine. Some were on “prison break” from a California and Honolulu prison and even KIDNAPPED ME to PRISON for more than one visit. Michelle Kirksey planned to keep me there with her people. I don’t know why. I don’t actually know them.

It looked like they wanted me to SWAP with another criminal who was there. An adult. But I was so many years younger they knew it wouldn’t work.

All these years I’ve been defamed and battered, very injured by criminals and I couldn’t leave the United States if I wanted to. REAL TERRORISTS threatened other countries of mrdrs.

I am just one of the talented Spielbergs from the 1970s. Some have been deported, some killed. Mrdrd. Even without any money attached to them. I may still be part of that group even though I don’t know people. I may even get mrdrd just so they can PRETEND they are stealing my money.

“Dead Poets Society”… I was nearly mrdrd just visiting a location with Robin Williams. Not removed from Hollywood, actually mrdrd.

I have testified online to who I am. Many have stolen my identity and will live on whether I do or not. Guess that’s how roads end. Guess that’s what it’s like to be a stolen child since you were born.