The Nature of a Cancer Cell

Wrote this out without much editing. Likely to return and re-write. Just wanted to get it out again. It was first written on my Twitter account in 2020, one of the ones people in Los Angeles demanded I close and never bring back.

A quick search online gave me these results.

I’m not a doctor, but I have read findings and met people with various stages of living and dying with cancer in their bodies. Some just had skin cancer, some were within their last weeks of life as their bodies were overtaken. I have studied the nature of a cancer cell by being a witness since childhood. Reading and listening and staring at humans in front of me and in articles and documentaries. I also crossed paths with people who know what it is, or enough to have warned me and some others of how to keep away from keeping too much of it. Believe it or not, in spite of all that I have been through people have wanted me to live at least until this current age. I’m nearly upon my half-century. I’ve also studied images and findings about fish and other living organisms of the seas who have been affected by toxins and deaths by cancer. They were taken down the same way as humans.

Here is what it looks like.

Cancer begins with a chemical toxin outside of a living organism. It touches actively traveling cells in a body which touch each other and the actual contaminant is spread. Depending on the toxicity, it will damage the cells carrying it or perhaps just make them act abnormally. Eventually the toxin will collect in certain places and cluster with other damaged cells. Fat cells tend not to move as fast in the body and in a way act like a sponge for some toxins. Sadly, in human beings there are fat cells in all kinds of places, even the brain. These “collections” become tumors. Sometimes these are a collection of dying and dead cells, though even dying, they can be the host of the original toxin(s). A radical example would be taking a tiny dense sponge full of thinned paint and putting it in a glass of water. Mostly the paint will stay within the mass of the sponge, but the color will leak for a long time and the surrounding water will eventually change from clear to colored. There is a lot of water in a human body.

Two kinds of cells to consider. Fat cells that don’t move much and blood cells that travel quite a bit. All cells in a body are like “sponges” to toxins. Some will carry more toxins than others. Fat cells probably hold the most. Unfortunately, there is NO WAY for the human body to exist without some fat cells. Fat cells tend to cluster too. Sick, abnormal cells cluster too.

A “cancerous” cell can also be one affected by electromagnetism. A living cell can be disrupted into being “sick” by forms of ENERGY such as xrays, ultraviolet light, microwaves and more. Many of these exist just standing outside under the sun, even on a cloudy day. Though many people and animals never get a form of cancer that is notable or treatable, we have deterioration happening every moment of our lives and the actual environments we live in shorten our lifespans. Weakened or sick cells in a human body add to its inability to regenerate and stay young. But most people live a “normal” life of over 40 years of age, so this is not something to be upset about. The cancerous cells from radiation poisoning are found in people who have been over-exposed to nuclear disasters(also bombs). Not from being xrayed in hospitals for lifetime football injuries.

The nature of cancer cell is that it could still be very functional to the body it is in but carrying a toxin. Also, it could be a very sick cell such that its own DNA makeup has changed from toxicity. The problem with human cells is that they share information, energy, water and contaminants. Human cells also split. So sick cells not only can carry toxins, but if they split or cause others to split, the DNA in the human body may change, especially if any of those cells get near reproductive organs. Which is how cancer may transfer to an offspring. In a fish or human being, or NOT AT ALL.

The human body is still resilient. When it can, it rids itself of dead, sick and toxic cells. More often than not cancer is NOT given to the next generation, but the possibility of the SAME TYPE OF CANCER happening in an offspring is definitely there. It has to do with the nature of the affected cells.

The current cures.

Here is how modern medicine is “curing cancer”. It is using strong radiation and chemicals to further destroy already sick and affected cells. It may help slow and possibly stop the SPREAD of cancer-causing toxins in the body. But that is all it is doing. Destroying cells that are sick. By the way it works… the weakest cells in the body are going to die first. The hope is they won’t split nor progress.

The real cure?

My humble opinion there are two ways to end cancer. One is to address chemical toxins by using countering drugs and chemicals to nullify the toxicity itself. To address radiation or energy-based damaged cells is to filter them out of the body over time. I will note: cells affected by radiation may actually act abnormally and not balance chemicals in the host body. They themselves could behave like cells who have been affected by chemical toxins. Cells in the body share matter. Some faster than others. Filtering of blood and cell replacement could aid in ridding a body of contaminated and sick cells.

There is very little opportunity to repair a damaged cell. They are simple and in a way like little cars in a city. You can replace tires, change oil, but if they’ve been in a serious crash they are junked. You cannot replace the tires on thousands of cars to fix a tire noise problem in a city–if such a thing existed! Which means maybe medicine should continue to look toward and work on developing ways to generate new cells in a body and filter/remove sick and dead ones. Removing cancer cells is a key thing–even a dead cell can still carry chemical toxins in a body.

Dummy Cells!

I proposed this on my Twitter feed some time ago now, mid 2020? Dummy cells injected into a living body… human or not.. to act as “sponges” to clean up toxins. Maybe they are cells that are easily recollected and filtered out of the blood? Engineered for the specific purpose of removing toxins and/or attaching to cancerous cells. If they permanently attached to a cancer cell, it may prevent it from going places it shouldn’t and also spreading more toxins.. or even splitting. They are “dummies” in that they are NOT part of the actual system of the body they are in. Still foreign objects, and do not actually participate in the maintenance of the body.