SYNN cards

Update (Nov 2021): Both SYNN Cards and SYNN Cards Gaming are now registered with the U.S. Copyright Office and the new downloadable official games are available. Please visit the web site itself for more information

Original post:
The prototype new SYNN cards are here at home! Subtle hint provided in image below. First edition ready product should be on and/or its own web site by November this year so people can start buying these as holiday gifts. Please don’t copy these, I already submitted to the U.S. Copyright Office. What are they? A deck of sins. Like flash cards. Great for children and adults. Inspired by religious and non-religious sources.

Stylized photo of the very first deck printed.
Update 8/27/21. New matte(non-gloss) printed deck arrived today. It feels so nice to hold the whole deck in my hand and know I am not currently doing over 40+ sins. (Put the image through Photoshop so you can’t just print these out)