Highways to the “Fraud Zone”

I propose Hollywood and maybe select parts of Los Angeles be actual “fraud zones” where people can be frauds “legally”.

Admiring the advanced and beautiful real highway system located just outside a city center of Dubai for illustration. Carefully pre-planned and well built, it will allow transport of millions of vehicles in a relatively short time.

It may help some people. They can actually be frauds of other people as long as it is documented and they only do it within certain areas of the city. Maybe even county of Los Angeles. Documents done within the zones have to NOTE that a certain fraud participated on it.

It creates a place of acceptance, and allows for a COEXISTENCE of frauds of the past to just continue to do their thing, but regulated.

I strongly suggest frauds stay out of courthouses as frauds unless there is some statute or other legal precedent that allows Hollywood to have “real frauds”. But they’ll still have to proof who they are and if they have permission from an actual person. I can’t believe I am conceiving of such a thing, but it could actually help people. And… if developed properly, an average person can be a fraud in a fraud zone too!

Do you know what this is? This is like having an AVATAR online, on certain web sites. But instead of a web site… a physical area of a town or city, even county. REAL. Tangible. Something you can put your real body into.

A poor man’s West World? No robots. No crafted realities. Our current world, with specific borders, boundaries, rules for frauds. But regulated.

I propose more than one or two public places as they may get overwhelmed! Like one bar or restaurant probably can’t handle it. But perhaps a city.. like even just Hollywood itself. It could allow for a sophisticated level of being a “legit fraud”. But Hollywood shouldn’t be the only place. And not all of Hollywood should allow a “fraud class” or fraud group. They may want to make certain blocks or a certain radius. So it is geographic vs. just specific locations, buildings, parks. And within, businesses can participate or not.

This could actually be a phrase someday: “Did this take place within or outside of the fraud zone?”

I may have started to propose something similar in my childhood or teens but someone tried to steal the idea who was not quite capable of following it through. I’m glad it came back to mind! It is a way to allow for something that can’t be completely eliminated. Just give a special place to exist to protect others who do not want to participate.