Hidden Messages in the News Media

Update: scroll past these paragraphs to read the story I wrote online LIVE the other day.

I wrote on my private Twitter account today the importance of of KNOWING THE CONDITIONS(Such as are the same people available? Does it make sense to steal money from someone who already has less than you? Should you really invite your old friend to visit and insist they play football with you when you have a broken leg or they do?) of what is actually going on around you before you do anything triggered by what you read or watch in the news media. What I saw recently were OLD MESSAGES from decades ago, and what I fear is that old contacts may try to do old tasks, and new people may take the messages differently and do something that does not pertain, does not make sense, and could even back fire on themselves. Just be very careful when trying to match what you’ve been told in the past with what is currently being said around you.

To the criminals: Ordering repeat hits may be sending the wrong messages to your own people, and other people who know about them. What if you ordered someone to have their car stolen because it was a beautiful Mercedes that could be given to someone else or sold black market? And you order the same hit years later… only to have an old Ford Fiesta show up with your driver who says, “Hey, this is the only car the guy has.” And then you get really upset because you saw a beautiful new Mercedes on the target’s Facebook page. Mad, you call up some people. “What happened? I thought he got a new Mercedes?” They respond, “No just a rental car for a few days to impress his old mom.”

Why was this last paragraph even mentioned? Because people, criminals…? Make hits on people they read about in the news. For instance, my family in the 1970s put a medium sized(vs. a little thumb sized) newspaper ad for their mom&pop small business–because business was down and they wanted new clients–and because it looked so good, criminals sought them out to steal money from them!

Here is a made up story(different than my Twitter epic!).

A neighbor is in the news because she is going through a divorce and she was known in her community, and has to close down a store she owned with her husband. Now, some people may read into the article. Oh, she’s divorcing him because she wants all HIS MONEY. So someone puts a hit on her to charge extra at a restaurant, or to have her car fixed–for years. Someone else says, “I don’t like women who divorce men, so I told my pals NOT to let her enjoy the ladies club pool–make sure children show up and make noise when she goes there!” But it turns out, the husband had asked her to divorce him so he could save face with his relatives. He even secretly bought her a new car. KNOW THE CONDITIONS.

I’ve decided to post the ORAL STORY I gave online via Twitter… though I typed it out. It is written as if spoken in person, and am talking to someone or a group. I didn’t edit the posts from what I copy and pasted from MY OWN Twitter account.

Public Messages

A story with a lesson, posted on Twitter June 28th, 2021. A warning about the meaning of public hidden messages.

“I wouldn’t do that. The same people are NOT in the same places.”

“If you use a blanket old message, you are setting forth attitudes and actions that may not fit at all, overall.”

“Here is an example of using an OLD message: There is a fire bell in the town square. In the old days, if it was rung, ALL the men and boys would go to the well and gather water, and prepare to save a house or store.”

“Decades later, someone rings the bell in earnest, because their house is on fire. But the fire department never got a phone call so they won’t get off their seats.”

“Worse, this person is so intent on ringing the bell some people get curious as ask him what is going on. He is frantically ringing it. But when asked, he replies, ‘I don’t have a home, I.. just wanted attention.”

“But because of the frantic ringing, someone had called the fire department and they started getting ready, slowly. And one of them came running to the man at the bell, ‘What’s going on?'”

“The frantic ringing draws in more people and the police show up and ask what is going on? We are supposed to me on COVID isolation, 6ft apart, no crowds!”

“Far away, in a little house an old man hears the bell. He was one of the firemen who saves homes and lives. Back then he was big and strong. Today he grabs some clothes and runs out of the house, falls down his stairs and breaks his fragile hip.”

“Meanwhile, because the bell was rung in a certain way… someone else heard it, and remembered what THEY were supposed to do. They were supposed to rob the neighbors home while they were gathering water. It was all preplanned…”

“But this person CHECKS THEIR KNOWLEDGE. They first smile to themself, well, this is decades later… and yes, looking out the window, those are different neighbors. And, we have cell phones for the fire department.”

“This person may have been programmed, have to get $10,000 to another person because that bell rang a certain way. Do they, grab a gun and rob someone else to accomplish this? Or maybe that neighbor is the same people, but they don’t have money. They were robbed decades ago.”

“The would-be robber gets a phone call while they are hesitating. Yelled at. Why are you NOT HERE? Apparently another house was a targeted, other side of town. And this guy didn’t get the message.”

“He responds, no one told me. So I still live here, in my original home.”

“The caller responds, you were supposed to be living on this side of town, why didn’t you move?”

“The would be robber responds, look, my job is on this side of town. Who was supposed to tell me to move?”

“The caller says a name, and the would be robber says, well he went off to war in Iraq. Never came back. So I’ve been here. (phone hangs up)”

“So the would be robber is sitting in his home, looking out the window at the target house. Knowing he has a gun under his bed he can use. Does he still need to get money from those people?”

“Because if that call was from who he thinks it was, HE is responsible for making sure those people get the money.”

“Now do you understand why OLD messaging should NOT be re-used? People may not be where they are supposed to be. Conditions may be very different too.”

“Is everyone expecting the would-be robber to grab his gun, go next door and threaten teenagers and their parents, and grandparents for money?”

“I’m going to write a short film screenplay based on today’s Twitter feed writing. I feel this is a VERY IMPORTANT LESSON.”

“What if one of the teenagers at the next door house is a child of one of the people across town who wants the money, and THEY DO NOT want their child harassed or accidently shot at?”

“NOT GUARANTEED SCENE: A mailman knocks at the door of the would-be robber’s home and gives him an envelope. Once back inside he opens it, it is a check for $10k, with no name on it. He could write his own on it, or CASH and just cash it.”

“CONTINUED: He decides to get that check to the people across the town, and they get the money and leave town again. The next door neighbor never gets disturbed, the would-be robber never even got his gun out from under his bed.”

“CONTINUED: The would-be robber watches the news. Those people he got the money to apparently left town and went overseas. They are in the news, murdered at a crime scene on CNN. They released a toxin on a train, and hundreds fell ill.”

“CONTINUED: The would-be robber watches the news intently, his neighbors must be too. He hears screaming from the next door home.”

“CONTINUED: There is an old man next door, in anguish because he knows what happened. He was NOT aware those people across town were in town to get money, so he did NOT warn his connections about the terrorist threat.”

“CONTINUED: The other screaming was the teenager who recognized the mug shots on CNN. One was a parent he thought was still in prison.”

“CONTINUED: On another day, the man who frantically rang the bell was discovered to be homeless and starving. He is peacefully eating a meal in jail. He had to punch some people at the town bell so he could keep ringing it.”

“CONTINUED: A weary FBI agent asks the homeless man through the bars. ‘Who told you to ring that bell?’ The homeless man answers, I was told if I rang it someone would give me a free meal.”


“MORAL OF THE STORY: Don’t be that teenager who punked the homeless guy into getting arrested for free food.”

This writing, as is all my writing is subject to copyright protection. In the case of this short story above, I have registered it also with the Writers Guild of America Registry.