An Artificial Atmospheric Layer

I just wrote about a concept of an Engineered Cold Wave, while we are in a record breaking heat wave in the western United States. I went and did the dishes in the sink by hand, because I rarely use a mechanical dish washer. It gives me a little empty time to think, feel water flowing over my hands, and scrubbing away the remains of a meal or snack. Why is this important? Details and reasons, and meaningfulness. That careful use of water has great meaning as can you imagine if I had NONE?

I’ve always found plastic wrap fascinating and underused. What if we created a man-made layer of atmosphere that was plastic wrap thin, tough as ‘transparent aluminum'(Star Trek reference) but had the ability to span a hundred of square miles at a time? Large enough to influence a microclimate. Almost controllable as a very very slow moving drone copter? The nature of the fabric or whatever vinyl or future material is to allow it to create varying opacity, and have mechanical vents for controlling air passing through or not. I believe I am imagining this layer to act like a see-through vinyl that can be very flexible instead of something rigid like glass or acrylic. I am speaking of the nature of the design, not the actual elements nor materials. We may have to invent something. Especially something that can also capture and use solar power, and self-heal so we don’t have to send humans or robots on daily/hourly repair jobs.

A thin a layer of plastic keeping moisture in a bowl of food.

This (below) may be an ideal environment. Just about ANYTHING can live in it.

A tropical rainforest.

This shows another environment, grass lands (below). It can sustain animals, but look what kind. Pure carnivores. These animals do not eat vegetables or fruits. The prey eat only grass.

A lion predator in grass lands. (borrowed image, haven’t gotten permission to use it yet).