Exiting WB Connection

I probably need to be RELEASED from the WB parking stall. I shouldn’t have met with people there at all. I set forth all kinds of things I couldn’t control at all. I did tell people I wasn’t wealthy, I didn’t have an office there.

It would release me from RPO also. I need to go. I think it is MORE RESPECTFUL of all, that I step out of that parking stall forever and allow the others FROM L.A. and who spent time in L.A. to get the clout and notoriety that was falsely put upon me. I was supposed to be at Amblin, not at WB.

I’ll just be on friendly HONEST TERMS with who is left at WB now.

I’m not German. Nor am I signed with WB for anything.

I am “returning”… not my body, but a misconception I was not sure I was even a part of all this time.