The One Swimming Pool in a Desert Town

(short story, written live on Twitter/X on 12/29/2023)…

A small town of 50 people in the desert lands of the USA… there is a drought, it is hottest time in summer. The residents have ONE SWIMMING POOL. Here are some things that come up at the town meeting. I wish you all to think about them. Answer for yourself!

  1. Let’s all stay out of the pool and charge a lot of money at the hotel, even make a new RV park and bring MORE people to our oasis!

  2. Let’s pretend there is no pool, and tell everyone outside of town how dismal it is here… then WE ALL SHARE THE POOL, take care of it, and ourselves.

  3. Let’s sell the town with the pool and leave. Maybe with the money we can live in a small town where it is cold and no pool is needed.

What is your thought?

What if this small town is the illustration of a WHOLE COUNTRY, and the “pool” is all the resources it has.

This started out as a story idea, then to keep it very short it became a theoretical situation like a brain tease. Play on!

Life Puzzle

What is a “life puzzle”? How simple or complicated our lives are!

What I’d like to share is that we all have a puzzle to deal with the day we are born. It could be a simple life ahead or a very complicated one. What makes it complicated? Here is my theory: How many people you interact with in your lifetime. I say this because each person has to be dealt with in an individualized way and has at least one piece of your puzzle: They know you in their way.

This is a art mosaic of glass tiles on wood by artist “ShelaghJaneMosaics” that I found online. I picked this one because the content illustrates the idea of portions and pieces of our lives. Some of it can be very straightforward and obvious, other parts more abstract. It has elements of various emotions which could translate to life experiences such as events or human beings. “Puzzle” can also mean “confusion to be sorted out” and something like this image shows it. It even has peaceful and also hot colors reminding us of good and bad times. NOTE: I do not know the artist at all, and I am not presenting this image as a form of advertisement.

This was not something I was planning to write about. It came to mind because my own life looks simple, and it really is NOT AT ALL. I’ve had to figure it out myself: What is making my life complicated?

What is a puzzle? Essentially, it is a sum of pieces that come together to form a conclusion. A jigsaw puzzle is made of a single picture cut into unique-looking pieces.

Our own lives are a big puzzle, and it can take decades to figure out the “big picture” that is your own life. What the “complete view” of who you are in the big world we live in, the planet we are on. It can be a puzzle of big pieces like a pizza or a huge mosaic of thousands of small fragments of various sizes. How does your “life puzzle” look? What makes you, YOU?

This is a pepperoni pizza! Some people have lives this simple. Yes! Think of it as flat, round, not a lot of ingredients, no one piece is the same… some is saucy, spicy, smooth, crunchy… I found this image on the internet and it belongs to Zionsville Pizza. I never ate there, looks good though! Please send me an email if you tried it out?

If I can give advice on this, it would be to try to understand the pieces you think you know well. Those are: 1) what you need to accomplish daily, weekly, yearly, and long term, 2) who is involved that matters to you. Then you can think about how it all fits together to help you keep moving forward and 3) what pieces are missing. Thinking is good, keeping your own notes in a journal is GREAT. You do not need to be a professional writer to sort out your own thoughts about things.

I wish you well in learning your “life puzzle” and my hope you’ll work on it to help you understand yourself and the pieces that do and don’t belong to you!

I feel like an old lady writing about knowledge and wisdom for younger people. I am old enough to do this now authentically! Ha! I welcome you to read my other writings also. I hope they can help you find your own personal, inner freedoms even if you stuck at home, or in a boring job, or just in a rut.

Chaos Theory

I first grasped to the concept in childhood. I realized the sum of the parts never create a balanced whole at any given point in time.

But over time, things can spin enough together for good and bad things to happen.

Democracy is a product of chaos theory in the U.S.

* *
I don’t believe MATH can describe the chaos theory and thusly predict a final result. It may be able to gather assumptions and make broad estimates.

This is my interpretation of what it is. Other writers, scholars, scientists have their own versions too.