Nice Thing About Reading and Writing

You can just pick it up or put it down when you choose.

Creatively speaking, I’ll relate this old adage.

If you hadn’t gone down this road, you may never have seen this tree. If you didn’t live in the same country, or even part of town, you may never have heard about it. Giving us a winter scene photo since it is now the winter season.

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

If you hadn’t READ my WRITING, would you have thought I was violent? A threat to anyone? If you didn’t know how to read English, would you have ever called the police to have me arrested? Would you tell others I am educated? Wealthy? Well known?

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The Fallen Tree

I wasn’t planning to add this to this page at this time, but… If you heard about a fallen tree somewhere but didn’t know where it happened or the circumstances, would you TELL SOMEONE ABOUT A FALLEN TREE?

What if you did not even see a photo of the fallen tree? If you were standing on a tropical island and someone said, “I witnessed a fallen tree!” Would you ask, “What kind of tree?” or would you just ASSUME it was a tree growing in the tropics? Behind you? On another island? Would you ask, “Why did you just tell me this?”

The person with the story (I’m creating a little story)…

Stands in front of the other person and says, “Look, this tree. It fell. It is really bothering me. May I CHOP IT UP?”

You answer, “Oh, it is bothering you? Yes, please do as you wish.”

Person standing there with the tree problem. “Okay, I appreciate this!” They go away. Back home. A tree that got pushed slightly toward their own yard is there. They hire a team to chop it down. It was a 50 year old tree, historical in the neighborhood. The wood was not given to people to burn in fireplaces, instead just dumped somewhere to rot.

A phone rings. “Yes?” The tree complainer answers.

“Why did you chop down MY tree?” Asks the voice on the phone.

“You gave me permission,” says the tree complainer.

On the phone, “I have a $3k bill in my shaking hands that I am liable for. Tree trimming company did all this professional work, and billed me because the tree was on my yard.”

“Yes, but you gave me permission,” says the tree complainer.

On the phone, “I thought you respected me enough to come talk to me first?”

Now. Think. Has this happened in your life at all, in any way?

Here is what could have really gone wrong. The tree wasn’t slanted at all. It actually was not dangerous, or even different than the day before. It just looked different perhaps at a… different angle.

On the phone, “Wait a minute. I thought you were on the neighborhood watch committee, you seemed to know a lot about everyone? I thought maybe you were the brother of my neighbor who I’ve known for decades.”

Tree complainer says, “No I was just driving by one day, got out and stood in your neighbor’s yard and greeted you.”

On the phone, “I thought you would have warned me that you were complaining about the big tree, not the smaller one closer to… my neighbor’s fence. Why didn’t you tell me you were going to hire people and that it would be a catastrophic change to my yard?”

Here is someone’s fallen tree.
In person, it looks like a project tree that may have been worked on for decades since a seedling.