Alife Code

I have this little feel that I can create an algorithm for an AI life. Not a game, a thinking artificial life. Could be I’ll end up being more poetic and sci-fi… but at least I gotz a cool name for it!

What’s in code? What’s in a code. Sounds like a hot dog in a bun, but a lil more complicated.

Though I’ve had an awkward life, roaming around like a fool, I’ve also had some significant contributions along the way.

Alife Code. hrmm. Part of me wants to feel like a music composer at a piano, the other part wants to draw runes like I did last year. I’m not a computer, but like you I can stimulate my mind and memories with things that are familiar and vaguely familiar. Can a poet design a thinking pseudo-life?

(6/14/2021) First thought about it.

Any aware mind has one fundamental concept that it bases and builds its own life’s perceptions. Right and Wrong.

What comes next? What to do with a Right or Wrong. Do you leave it as it is, or do you change it–and in what way and manner?

(7/2) Driving on a road trip.

Respect. This is something cultural, but basic human societal rules globally has shaped ideas about it. I believe, this could be a scale. From ‘maniacal sociopath‘ to ‘ultimate humanitarian‘. The former being a serial killer, the latter an entity that won’t harm a human in any way to the point of self destruction. BUT, knowing self destruction would prevent further good deeds for humanity, that probably should not be an easy choice. Coding in a fail-safe in that humanity should always supersede machinery.

Now I have Right, Wrong and Respect. These may be the few key understandings of an artificial mind.