“Good Morning”

I woke up this “morning” and I go to sleep at “night”. Do I have an ENGLISH SPEAKING PROBLEM?

“mourning” was when people rose at day break and the process begins post death or sleep.

“nein” means NO in German.

The word “morning” has bothered me but I didn’t dwell on it long enough to research the origin or contest it. Last year I adopted pairs of southwestern wild “mourning doves” by giving them a place for their nest and behold, I helped create six new doves! With them so close, I listened to them and watched them. Those were very happy birds. They liked to talk to each other and even their wings are musical in the air. They start nesting and creating new birds after the darkest part of winter ends.

Photo from Wikipedia of a Mourning Dove. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mourning_dove

Not recently, but I’ve picked up some old U.S. published books in my own hands from the past, in the mid and earlier 1900s SPELLINGS OF WORDS WERE a combination of Old English and a mish-mash of German and French. The words were more phonetic.

Saying “GOOD MORNING” is wishing someone happiness in their getting over, overcoming, their own “sleep” or “overnight death to the day”.

Should I be “mourning” my overnight “sleep” though?

This is an inspired post upon my death experience from Hollywood I’m sharing online. In order to be free and clear of my past odd connection to it, I’d been writing daily for a few years now about my anger and grievances. I’ve been in a post-death process and sharing it with others via internet. It is a grieving process of what didn’t go right and what we wished could have been better. It isn’t easy to face an end to something, especially when you feel like you never conquered or “owned it”. A wake… is post death of a human being. We mourn in the wake of a death. You do know that “wake” is the rippling waters behind the boat that takes the body and spirit from the living to the lands of death? YES! Poetic.