Beggars Around Me

Sadly, someone’s “prison specials” have been sent to me over and over in my life and I DON’T APPRECIATE IT. They threaten, rob, injure people and pretend someone else did it. Then… they carry the money(a few hundred dollars? Few thousand?) to someone likely in L.A. who doesn’t belong in this country. There may be some in my neighborhood right now… stalking.. snooping… possibly living in homes without paying rent… which means the actual owners may have been chased away. Someone should interview “their children” see if they are stolen or not. What’s really odd is they try to fit in, and look wealthy too. Think it perfectly normal to harass strangers for anything. BEWARE asking them too many questions… if you find they are lying right in front of you and they know you know it… they could kll or injure you. The ones near me ARE NOT TAKING MESSAGING*. Which worries me.

Not just my neighborhood. Please look around your own where YOU live.

Be careful, okay?

*Such as… people who are NOT driving luxury vehicles–look like work or commuter vehicles, likely do not have a lot of money. If they are not driving a status car… what are they driving? Is it practical? New? If it looks old, bought used… they may be trying to tell people they don’t have money to share. If they have a new car and have family members who have old cars… they probably need to take care of THEM FIRST…not strangers. A family that has even ONE used-bought car in it should NOT be bothered for giving money to strangers and/or people outside of the family. Truth is, if not all the family members can afford to buy a new car without a loan and also own a home without a mortgage they should not be sharing money outside of their family.

The TRUTH IS… people who have ANY DEBT on their own, or in their family… should not be asked to give money away.

I’ve gotten beggars since I was in diapers. WHY IS THIS? Even if I had contacts with money, doesn’t mean I have money! Please take your beggars back and send them elsewhere! I can’t help people. I am NOT Ukrainian, Korean, Taiwanese, Indian! None of those. I feel they should not be in the U.S. if they can’t get a job to support themselves. Ongoing begging is NOT GOOD, NOT SUSTAINABLE. They are NOT MY PEOPLE! I feel bad having to write this. There have been times in my life I didn’t have enough money for food. Ukrainians pretended to be poor at the grocery store and STILL bought 2x-10x as much food as me.