Getting Rid of “Stupid” (From Our Lives)

Some humans have been given this label, PLEASE don’t push humans out the door unless they are actually dangerous to you and yours.

The real “stupid” we probably ALL NEED TO WORK ON… are the things in our lives that we keep getting involved with over and over and they are NOT HELPFUL, but HARMFUL… to our minds and/or our wallets and self worth.

“Stupid is, what stupid does!” –Yeah that too!

What I’m writing is to myself and others… I am trying to help us get stupid out of our lives. Yes, “stupid” is like a GLUE or a stinky tar we’ve used to get odd things to work together. But at some point you need to use something else, or re-work the “wiring” or “flow” or “how this thing is done”. Yup, sometimes we use “stupid” to make new things kinda.. roll… or jump… or bounce.. or just do something… but what I am suggesting to even myself is: “What can I use to replace ‘stupid’ in my life?” This is really tricky and not simple for me. Others may have less stupid-looking lives to deal with!

Here are some examples of “stupid” in someone’s life:

– Jogging daily even though you’ve had knee surgeries.
– Going to the same restaurant with the same people and running up a tab that breaks your bank account every time–they have fun, love you for it, but you spend months recovering the debt to your credit card.
– Working at a job that will never pay you enough to afford in the home you are in.
– Asking for help from someone disabled(physically or financially or?), and they keep putting you off and you can’t get your work done without them.
– Wearing clothes that don’t fit right and you get irritable because you hate the colors or fit.
– Eating your spouse’s cooking and it tastes bad all the time, and you are actually good at cooking!
– Spending money on relatives who never speak to you or help you with anything.
– Taking a certain route to work every day that includes too many traffic lights, but appears faster sometimes.
– You ask the opinion of NON-EXPERTS on a subject.
– You complain about the same thing for years instead of seeking even a small change.
– You just complain and never suggest a repair or fix or constructive change.
– You ask others for changes in your life, but you don’t or won’t change yourself at all.
– You seek only “compromise” from others, but won’t do a compromise when asked of you.

Make your own list! I dare you!

This is actually a very universal, global “thing” that EVERYONE may need to think about: REMOVING AS MUCH STUPID FROM THEIR LIVES AS POSSIBLE. We all end up getting into a groove, habits, even forcing things in relationships and more. I’m thinking now… WE ALL NEED TO PUT MORE EFFORT into removing “stupid” from our lives. And I don’t mean getting rid of human beings I mean “DEPROGRAMMING”, “ADJUSTING EXPECTATIONS”… “HELPING EACH OTHER FIGURE THINGS OUT”.