IMDB Pro is Fraudulent

I’m saying this because I had a newer LLC posted on the database along with over 70 titles and descriptions, most with WGA numbers and they deleted them all without warning. That was the SOL III LLC list. And I use a Sol III LLC credit card to pay for the IMDB Pro membership. How is this not fraudulent?

Here is a short list of titles that should still be online.

Alien Pet Collector
B.I. Zero
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Big World
Jurassic World: Egg Games
Back to the Future: Timeless
Teen Fast
The Near Side
Walk of the Lost Shogun
Breaking Tradition
Open Book
Anyone’s Best Guess: In Search of the Real Steven Spielberg
My Own Small Nickel
Bandidos y Senoras
Bat Boy
Battle Animals
Beetle Riders of Nimbaru
Beware of the Sultan
Ant Racers
Backward Resolution
Bad Monster
Battle Zombies!
Beyond the Curve
Candy Lane
Close Encounters: Spectrum
Cog Wild
Criminal Activity
E.T. the New World Begins
End Wave
Flipping Marbles
Flutter Bis
Food Festival
Friendly Amoebas
G.I. Joe: New Dawn
Globus: Nightmare
Google Works
K-9 Officer Blitz and Friends
King Arthur’s Black Knight
Jurassic World: Blackout
L.A. Pure
Laughing Heads
Lead Soldiers
Master Rx
Mecha Bunnies
Mecha Bunnies: Metal Romp
Miss Sissy
Money Lust
Moon Patrol
New Origin
Peace Between Us
Panda Games
Plane Jane
Plane Jane: Rides
Project id
Quiet in the Directors Chair
Rat Fu!
Rip Eclipse
Smash Ball
Squad Zero
Sun Dancer
Tell Tails
The Peddler Named My Wife
War Games: Flashpoint
Well Stock Live
White Sunday
Wh1zB@ng Ville
Wild Pet Idiots
Writer Block
World Robot Games
Young Jules Verne
Battle Warrior