Nice Thing About Reading and Writing

You can just pick it up or put it down when you choose.

Creatively speaking, I’ll relate this old adage.

If you hadn’t gone down this road, you may never have seen this tree. If you didn’t live in the same country, or even part of town, you may never have heard about it. Giving us a winter scene photo since it is now the winter season.

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

If you hadn’t READ my WRITING, would you have thought I was violent? A threat to anyone? If you didn’t know how to read English, would you have ever called the police to have me arrested? Would you tell others I am educated? Wealthy? Well known?

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The Fallen Tree

I wasn’t planning to add this to this page at this time, but… If you heard about a fallen tree somewhere but didn’t know where it happened or the circumstances, would you TELL SOMEONE ABOUT A FALLEN TREE?

What if you did not even see a photo of the fallen tree? If you were standing on a tropical island and someone said, “I witnessed a fallen tree!” Would you ask, “What kind of tree?” or would you just ASSUME it was a tree growing in the tropics? Behind you? On another island? Would you ask, “Why did you just tell me this?”

The person with the story (I’m creating a little story)…

Stands in front of the other person and says, “Look, this tree. It fell. It is really bothering me. May I CHOP IT UP?”

You answer, “Oh, it is bothering you? Yes, please do as you wish.”

Person standing there with the tree problem. “Okay, I appreciate this!” They go away. Back home. A tree that got pushed slightly toward their own yard is there. They hire a team to chop it down. It was a 50 year old tree, historical in the neighborhood. The wood was not given to people to burn in fireplaces, instead just dumped somewhere to rot.

A phone rings. “Yes?” The tree complainer answers.

“Why did you chop down MY tree?” Asks the voice on the phone.

“You gave me permission,” says the tree complainer.

On the phone, “I have a $3k bill in my shaking hands that I am liable for. Tree trimming company did all this professional work, and billed me because the tree was on my yard.”

“Yes, but you gave me permission,” says the tree complainer.

On the phone, “I thought you respected me enough to come talk to me first?”

Now. Think. Has this happened in your life at all, in any way?

Here is what could have really gone wrong. The tree wasn’t slanted at all. It actually was not dangerous, or even different than the day before. It just looked different perhaps at a… different angle.

On the phone, “Wait a minute. I thought you were on the neighborhood watch committee, you seemed to know a lot about everyone? I thought maybe you were the brother of my neighbor who I’ve known for decades.”

Tree complainer says, “No I was just driving by one day, got out and stood in your neighbor’s yard and greeted you.”

On the phone, “I thought you would have warned me that you were complaining about the big tree, not the smaller one closer to… my neighbor’s fence. Why didn’t you tell me you were going to hire people and that it would be a catastrophic change to my yard?”

Here is someone’s fallen tree.
In person, it looks like a project tree that may have been worked on for decades since a seedling.

a Native American Nation Within United States Borders

Native Americans in Washington D.C. (image from Washington Post)

Today is November 26th, 2021 and it is Native American Heritage Day which has been an annual event since 2009 when Barack Obama signed it in. To the few who knew me, I was very behind this happening. I know not all presidents wanted to take that leap of recognition or were pressed not to. I’m glad it finally got done and we can now celebrate it! I say “now” because it is clear that all these hundreds of years we haven’t thanked the original owners of “the table” newcomers to the Americas were fed at. The Native American Indians were PROVIDERS to people in the early days. They gave advice in the new world. They were not as sophisticated and could not protect themselves from “old world criminals” and their peoples were cornered and pushed aside. And that is the nice way of putting it.

I grew up in the United States, in the Hawaiian Islands far from Washington D.C. but I was close to political students and teachers. Some professional politicians were in and out of our circles through the years. It just kept me aware and paying attention as I tried to get through the pains of childhood and teenage years. I DID NOT get formal U.S. studies in high school like I would have liked. I was moved around to different schools and my U.S. history may look weaker than some new U.S. citizens! I’ve studied it over the years though in spite of missing out on formal studies in school. The school of life is vibrant and interesting if you open yourself to it, and it allows you to learn more perspectives from the beginning instead of being programming in classes taught by a few teachers with strict curricula. I’ve tried to be opinionated only when I felt I had enough knowledge to make an opinion known. Otherwise I remained silent until I had time to review or think about it more. This has lead me to be specific in my writing, but also I too have become vibrant in thinking and writing. I am a product of the learning I gave myself. My words are not based on a single movie, narrative or documentary. It’s a culmination of decades of picking up pieces and analyzing them. Those pieces are everything from speaking with people in person, to films, text books, magazines, blogs, reading and watching the news and more. They are MY PIECES and MY OPINIONS that result.

Here is what I am thinking. Just an idea. I haven’t even researched if this would be popular or not.

How about two native nations in the United States?

Two? You may ask. Yes. Native American Indian and Hawaiian. Granted the Eskimos shouldn’t be forgotten either, perhaps they can join the Indian nation or be allowed to be the Eskimo Nation?

Native Hawaiians marching in Honolulu, Hawaii

This is what comes to mind. The Hawaiians were in Hawaii before the old world explorers dropped in and changed things. The American Indians were there before the same. It is fair, very fair to call them the original and native peoples. I propose they each have their own nation within the U.S. borders and be better represented legally in Washington D.C. and in the media. I truly do not feel they are getting enough respect day to day. They should be better known to the mass audience, even global. I’m not saying these nations within a nation should be more powerful than the U.S. government, but I believe our country should know them better. If this means improving their lives so they look better, maybe we should be doing this. Otherwise the old world came to the lands of the Americas and terrorized what they found and that’s all it was. No, that was not meant to be a pleasant sentence and statement. It’s my sprung-finger-thwack on some heads of people reading this. I’m waking up to this too.

Image from Morning Starr

Two Native Nations (perhaps three)
This is based on geography and DNA pools.

Native American Indian Nation
Native Hawaiian Nation
Eskimo Nation

The Cure

Photo 50287724 / Connection Concept © Rawpixelimages |

I’ve seen a lot of things. Believe I’ve figured out how to solve our planet’s peoples. It isn’t just “COEXIST” or “Can’t we get along?”

We have to start with every individual. Build in motivation since birth about how to be a proper human being. And that is someone everyone can communicate and do business with.

Granted not every person is equipped to be a Steve Jobs or a Bill Gates or a loved celebrity or politician. But maybe that is the key. What individuals’ traits to we all “believe in” and can “get behind”?

Our trouble is we come from so many different backgrounds and upbringings.

What if we strive to create people who are clearly “accessible” and have undeniable human “etiquette”. People we can trust, work with, rely on, and understand.

Is it possible to drop conflicts? Start just ending conflicts? Eliminating “grey areas” and better define for the human race what it is to be a genuine, top grade human being? What does it really take to be one of those?

Why do we have criminals? Why do we have “embarrassing people we try to hide”? What has gone wrong that we spend our lives questioning what we do when we know what societal rules and laws are? Every country has them defined.

What has gone wrong that in some circumstances it is “okay to break the rules of humanity” or “common societal understandings”? When it is really okay to be anti-society and anti-human rights?

Human rights. Why is not every human being so solid on them that we can build societies with fewer “errors” in the “framework” of what we all live in?

I may rewrite some of this later. This is entirely off the cuff. Something I really felt like saying, but didn’t have enough experience decades ago to say it. So my words and wishes were simpler back then. I’m more complicated now, but I can also take complicated thinking and boil it down to what is key. This is NOT an easy subject to think about and just write about. Consider it TAKE ONE on my thoughts. More to come unless someone ends my budding new career as a freelance writer!

Bitter the Snowman

Notes and beginning of rough draft
October 30, 2021

I just wrote this a little while ago this evening. Straight out. No break. Fast enough to flow, not for artful handwriting. Bitter the Snowman draft in progress. October 30, 2021

Dirty snow, rocks, sticks
Old carrot nose
Dog pee yellowed snow
Wire arm

Doesn’t face the street

A storm comes in, he is gone.

Scares children
Causes man to slip w/ice
Spins two kids around, gets them lost

Santa finds him.
Grumbles he had to leave his shop early, leave work to find Bitter.

Santa: “What’s going on, Bitter?”

Bitter: “I hate people. They don’t like me. I’m ugly on the outside, and I can’t change it. So I’m angry on the inside, can’t change it.”

Santa: “Bitter, if I change you for a day, will you be nicer to people? Halloween is over, the holidays are almost here. This is the time of year people don’t naturally like. They realize how long and hard the year has been, and the weather itself is working against them. It even costs more money this time of year, so it hurts pocket books. The more darkness and cold scares children, adults too, especially the homeless.”

Bitter: “I had a home. Unhappy people made me. I’m homeless now too.”

Santa: “Only a short time, Bitter. You were just a lawn decoration and we gave you some magic to move around. When the storm is gone, you’ll be home again.”

Bitter: “What is it you want, Santa? Guess I’m here today, gone tomorrow.”

Santa: “Bitter, it’s your your chance to be something different for a while. Ho ho ho!”

(Noises elsewhere, Bitter turns around and Santa is gone.)

To be continued…

I’ve been wanting to work on this a few days now. Had to feel a certain comfort, sense a “spring board”, a beginning and nature about it. Frosty the Snowman the animated movie is a favorite of mine. I don’t know it by heart, every scene that is, but I still feel it. I was very young when I first watched it. It brought me joy. A whole lot. I may have even pitched an angry snowman back then just as a villain for contrast. The truth is I enjoy happier than sad stories and really that’s my mark. It’s so easy to make dark stories, I guess so many angry underpaid writers out there who flesh them out. This is just a little self made story, no adults helping. (I’m snickering at that). I’ve really been messed up since childhood. Adults stealing my stories. This character Bitter reminds me of one of them. Even though I’ve suffered, I know others have too in this world. I don’t hate Bitter at all, I want Bitter the Snowman to have a story. I wish I had made this weeks ago. I may have made it with more Halloween elements. To be continued though… =)

Update 12/8/21:
Bitter is deciding whether the next step is onto the right or wrong foot. His conundrum is that his inner spirit is very angry. More than a part of him wants to do every wrong to people who try to do everything right or correct. The other part of him is quieter. Not as pressing or interesting, to him anyway. He’s so used messing things up and being messed up. Not sure if it’s fear or just being too different. Funny that a snowman would even consider it. But Santa showed up and that’s angering him! It means someone somewhere knows him. But does that mean they expect him to be different? Will he pay for it later if he is different than he always was? Uncertainty can be so scary. Even for a creature like him… made of powdered ice and garbage. He knows there is something to do, or he wouldn’t have been given some magic. But what to do with it? Can he mess up Santa?

Now I’m getting into Bitter’s head because I need to know what this character wants to do. What does it want to do. What is the reader expecting? What path should I put this “device” or “vehicle” on? I’ll be back. I missed finishing this story by Hanukkah, but maybe before Christmas or the new year. It needs to be a holiday tale!

Update: 12/25/21:
It is Christmas Day, and the other day I considered maybe I should wait until Spring to finish telling the tale of Bitter the Snowman. I wrote the ending for it weeks ago by hand and wasn’t satisfied. I’m now thinking, is it supposed to be simple or epic? A simple ending is easy, an epic one requires more thinking and thoughtfulness, even more emotions, problems and solutions if you want to be technical about it. I will try a happy or bitter medium and attempt to finish the story BEFORE New Year’s Eve of this year. Before the end of 2021. Have a nice holiday break, everyone.

Update 12/30/21:
Is this finished?
Yes and no. I have the ending and the notes to get there. I am not sure how to best handle the messaging of what Bitter does. It is worrying me the content may not be “young enough” for a lower-aged audience. I’ve been doing a lot of adult blogging this past year, so that habit snuck in!

I may create “A Short, Bitter Ending” for 2021 and then a new, more elaborate one for next December 2022. =) It’s not about trying to hold onto an audience that long. I really want to spend more time on the last half of Bitter’s story so it is truly satisfying, memorable too. Rushing to put it together before the New Year rings in may cause me to miss some creative opportunities within the story telling. Tomorrow is December 31st, 2021. The last of this year on the calendar. I’ll release the short ending, but it may really just be a teaser for the real ending to be released Winter 2022.

A Short, Bitter Ending (just for the end of 2021)

Bitter had to stop himself. He was taking too much pleasure being dizzy!

Determined, he decided in that moment to work against Santa anyway. Looking around slowly he started to form a plan. Who he could get on his side, who he can use without paying, what he could steal, how to cause damage…


There was a deafening sound and Bitter was temporarily blinded by a lightning strike.

A deep bellowing voice pounded so loudly it shook his mind even with his eyes closed.

“BITTER,” it said slowly, like thunder of the storm slowly echoing away to other towns in the distance.

“I am Father Time. Stopping you here and now. Santa was too trusting?”

Bitter starts to answer, but the chill made even the ice of his body shiver. “I… I… want things MY WAY!”

The thunder in the sky shook EVERYTHING including Bitter. To someone else it may have sounded like laughter.

Father Time speaks, “BITTER, you are not going to like what is going to happen. We already know now. I’m going to take you back to Santa in the future so you’ll know what he has to say. When he is done speaking, the story you wished for will begin.”


The lightning flashes and flashes and flashes.

Bitter blinks and blinks.

He wakes up, tired, laying on his back. Above the sky is deep blue and clouds dissipating. It’s warm, like another season. Birds are chirping. There must be a party in the distance all ages laughing.

Santa steps up into view looking down on Bitter. “We gave you the magic of movement, and the power of ‘influence’,” says Santa. “What do you think you did with it?”

“I tried to undo you. Eliminate you. Get you to be less than me,” says Bitter.

“Bad ideas, Bitter,” mumbles Santa.

“If I overcome you–be better, be stronger–you cannot control me, or my life,” says Bitter.

Moving to leave Santa replies, “I wasn’t your enemy, Bitter. I can’t give you a new name or life now.”

Bitter stares straight up at the blue sky realizing he can’t move. He feels.. hot? Sinking into the grass around him?

A warm wind slowly cuts off all the sound of laughter of the distant party–and bells of a sleigh? Was Santa saying, “Ho ho ho”?

Father Time whispers, “Now you have to live through it.”

Bitter GASPS!

It is dark and silent now.

Bitter the Snowman will be released in its entirety next Winter 2022. Hope you have enjoyed it so far!

Prison Cash

I have a very dumb question because I have not lived in prison, just contributed to movies and tv programs. Oh, and visited the sets of this one too. Chris Nolan is the bomb himself when it comes to directing!

Heath Ledger as the Joker behind bars in The Dark Night

Instead of real money, what about “Prison Cash” that is only usable while in prison? That way you can reward prisoners on good behavior and work beyond in-house chores?

And you cannot BUY prison cash using money from the outside. It has to be earned and used only within the prison walls.

I realize there are some people in prison I’ve met briefly on the outside who are in for life. They don’t have a way to trade and barter well on the inside. Some may not have contacts on the outside who are able to help them.

A long time ago I offered to pay people in prison to work, BUT I got blocked by others who wanted to pay people to work in prison–or possibly just law enforcement who did not want certain criminals to get money. Because of this, I had people I wanted to hire who got prison time who ended up working against me and there was nothing I could do but suffer it! This kind of thing should not happen! I genuinely wanted to help some people.

I still can’t, but one way to help is to offer this. Prison Cash INSTEAD of outside cash. Just the idea could help many. I have learned enough, that even criminal strangers in for life should have the opportunity to improve their restricted life they have left.

I realize it could cost money to print the cash, but perhaps prisoners can be used to work for the money to cover the costs? I know no one wants to put out extra money for people in prison, or maybe they do. Is there a non-profit organization or a company that would like to donate to the printing costs? The ‘bills’ can be smaller than the U.S. dollar sizes we use for instance. And you wouldn’t need as much security embedded in the paper and inks because obviously criminals cannot create their own print shop within a prison. Hey, even Monopoly game-type-looking money could work. Just set a standard that everyone can trade with. Lesser types of paper can be used since the bills won’t be traveling that much.

I nominate prisoners to have a design contest and decide on the look if they do their own specific prison-based monetary system.

The prison money system should stay within the walls. I believe doing it this way will keep the advantage of it within the walls and things more equal. In other words, NEVER a trade up to real money outside of prison. What is earned within the walls, stays within the walls.

Having a positive reinforcement system such as Prison Cash may help prisons control inmates this way, give them a new tool and method of control. It may even help create an environment of fewer conflicts, uprisings, etc. In the long run it may keep costs down and prisons a little safer. Currently I do not think there is a way for a prison to give regular currency to pay an inmate for going above what they are asked to do. For instance, maybe an inmate can get some Prison Cash for working overtime in the laundry. Even just a single “Prison Cash Dollar” could go a long way. There should be no inflation problems unless cash is granted too much and too often.

Those who are not used to working for money at all could learn something too. The value of money and working for it instead of just stealing money. And there will be no opportunity to buy drugs or guns in prison (or there shouldn’t be).

Perhaps Prison Cash can be traded for a comic book, or a new religious book, new toothbrush, etc. Very simple, allowable things within the walls of prison. Or how about “that guy” who had kitchen or laundry or other cleaning worked so many extra hours over time and done well that he/she earned enough Prison Cash to buy a day off–with no work at all! WITHOUT creating an atmosphere of competition that gets out of control. So if an inmate gets argumentative or does something bad they could get fined a dollar. If they run out, then I’m sure there are other ways to punish. The old ways.

Not all people in prison are in for life. Not all even committed murder. This may help those who will be preparing to leave again.

The Story of Talents

What if Jim Henson never left home and never got to Hollywood? What if the Muppets never sang in their movies? Talented people enrich lives, sometimes for decades, generations.

The story of talents is actually from the Christian Bible*, but likely written by Jews and edited by a variety of God fearing and not since then.

Without being religious about it, do you know what it is about?

It’s about learning about yourself, finding the gifts(notable abilities) you have, developing them and using them from then on. You don’t have to be a superstar. Just use your talents.

In our world, it is preferred we use them for good things.

The world and other people nearby may not be able to pay you for using them, but it doesn’t mean you should bury them.

*There may be other similar stories in other books and religions.

In The Dark

I was on sets for Poltergeist and The Shining. Friday the 13th, even met Freddy Krueger , was a stand-in on Saw. And more. I get what horror movies are about. I gave some ideas for them, in person. Rumor has it even though they were abusive, the little men from Los Angeles did not want me to say the word m-rder, so I said how about “REDRUM”?

What about The Dark is the average human being most afraid of?

I just figured it out this evening. It’s the level, the scale of the unknown. The amount of darkness is just a visual representation of the lack of knowledge in proportion to the importance of needing to know. I may have just written the formula for a horror moment. That’s how we build suspense in a movie, we tease with ideas visual and other(just a creaking sound or a water droplet, then we slowly reveal… ever slowly… BANG!!! Bats fly all around us! IT’S CHAOS OF NOISE AND SHRIEKING AND LIGHT AND DARKNESS MOVING SO RAPIDLY FASTER THAN WE CAN BLINK!!!

Does an epiphany hit you like that? Or an inspiration? That’s good.

But it is The Dark that worries us all. That lack of knowledge about something is like walking down wooden stairs in a dark old house and not having time to check if the next stair will bear weight. We could make it through a situation just fine, stairs are stairs… same size, keep the same size step and you can go down or up a flight with your eyes closed. But what if you couldn’t hear your footsteps, and you didn’t know how many stairs there are, and your legs are cold and numb…

It’s The Dark. We all need to worry about it. The Dark is LACK OF KNOWLEDGE.


What if you knew how to “drive a car” and you got in, drove up a hill and on the downhill slope you FORGOT how to use the brakes?

What if a small crowd of people came up to you and gave you 10 minutes of information from various sources and they all missed one key thing and you began to make a decision, turned to look at them, turned back and finalized it… and the shuttle… up in orbit… skipped on the atmosphere and careened into a unregistered prototype from another nation that was too close and spying… causing a fireball and a bright screen of catastrophe and everyone in the room stopped breathing to watch… Oh, we had a moment… of The Dark we… didn’t address?

Do you cry? Think of the bright light of failure? Or The Dark that you overlooked. Were you cocky? Was it too simple a possibility that another aircraft was nearby? What goes in your next Dark? Your hate of failure or what you actually missed. At what point is damage control, or dinner?

People will continue to look at the dazzling failure on the screen. Some are not used to looking at it and want to find truth, hope. You have your back turned to the screen, wishing no one else was standing the room. You know what it all really means. The whole universe. You have a great mind, but in the moment you let others give you the information and answers. And they were not as educated nor prepared. What excuse will you give? You… blinked?

What do you see here? How about a man who can see at night and has no fear? That is the vision. The idea. “What path is yours, and which do you seek?”

What’s a Foonk?

First 3D printing completed. It is using the least expensive plastic with little/no error correction at the professional 3D printing company. Holding it in my hand I can see what I need to adjust so much easier. This is fun! Not sure it is something other people would want, but I’m looking forward to a future finished version for use at home and travel.

Looks like a soft foam, but it is a tough plastic.
Found an unused wrist strap from something else and it fits fine for this. I may enlarge the loop on the Foonk so that it can use a bigger strap or clip.

Original post:
Stay tuned… This, “foonk” has already gone to the 3D printers for a test!

Screenshot of a Blender 3D model in progress.
I registered it via the WGA Registry Online. It’s not the same as the U.S. Copyright Office, but they still will have it in their database which generates a certificate, email and your work is timestamped. I DO NOT send people to the WGA to research what I have created. You shouldn’t either. They are not the Library of Congress.

This just arrived today: My first 3D print order ever! It’s a straw kit. A straw, holder, even a lemon seed filter. I had assumed the plastic would be weak so I overbuilt it. It looks cool, kinda chunky. A good first try at it. Likely if I remake it for metal printing it’ll be a lot slimmed down/elegant perhaps. Pixelminion was a name I created well over a decade ago for a handle on a 3D forum when I was first learning modeling via Cinema 4D. For now I am just hobbying along. No big plans. This straw kit is available on TurboSquid for download. I used Use this code: vtxa7p (Get 15% off!)

Photograph taken on a RED Hydrogen One this afternoon.
Just a typical water goblet glass, tap water, black background set up in my kitchen.
Image adjustments, cropping, retouching in Adobe Photoshop.

This is a close up of the parts. You can see the fine bumpy texture. I ordered these without any post processing, a print as-is to see how it comes out.

Natural white plastic, printed as-is, no post processing like cleaning or polishing.
Screenshot as designed in Blender 3D last month.

Update! (November 10, 2021)
Created some page clips for my creative book. Work like book marks, just smaller. These are first prints, not finalized. I’m using them now, but I imagine I could have metal ones created for others’ uses.

Kinda cute! The clips are not perfect, but I didn’t pay for smoothing.
Arrived in the mail today, out of the box and here they are!

the Human Kernel Panic

It’s that moment, or time when a person realizes their world isn’t what they thought it was and all that information they’ve based their life on wasn’t entirely correct for what is needed to continue their life as it was. So the person just stops, maybe even over reacts, panics or shuts down for a while. Their eyes may not be blue screens of death, but their inner machine and clock stops momentarily to witness: “This isn’t right, this is not what I expected.” Also known to me in street talk as the: “Oh sh-t moment” –but this tends to be more humorous and easier understood and fixable.

Are your feet no longer on the ground? Is there no ground, only sky now?

Well, if people’s inner machines, clocks have blown up and they are picking up the pieces, just realize you may not need all those pieces. Just enough to keep your individuality so you can move on. Could even be one piece. Maybe it is time for a spring cleaning in your life any way?

I’m studying a little bit of mindfulness right now, but I hold steady on the importance of “meaningfulness”. I believe most people glance over too much in their lives. Do not give enough credit to some very important moments in life that have actually affected them in permanent ways. If they had slowed down and really considered what was going on and what could happen with small changes in the events unfolding, even fleeting interpretations, they may have had different lives all together. Sometimes a nod can change your whole path, as could separately undermining a strategy or agenda that may have been more profitable or wholesome.

I’ve witnessed too many people with commitments to destruction, big and small. The ones I am thinking about destroyed their own lives too.

There is nothing wrong with having your own human kernel panic. See if you can learn from it, and reboot your mind to a revised operating system. There were probably too many conflicts, too much corruption in the system for it to run smoothly. If you are panicking, others may be too. The safest way to approach fixing this blue screen of death is to carefully remove the more invasive hacks and revert to a more stable, out-of-the-box, stock, normal system. If you are into cars, that may mean taking your street rod closer back to a stock suspension, or removing that high tech turbo unit that is too extreme for the engine, or going back to a regular than a mix for racing.

If you having software/hardware connection problems within the system, it could have too many aliases. Do you what that means? Short cuts.

Is the hard drive slow? Does it appear your system has random crashes? Have you considered all those hacked programs for speed or to circumnavigate legitimate licensing has caused damage throughout the filesystem, onboard databases, memory management?

Right. In our real world, friends of Neo, we have too many false identities, too many frauds. A fraud human being is like using a box for step, but it is made of cardboard and will collapse. A non-fraud human being is more solid and reliable. On a computer system, an “alias” or “short cut” is simply a LINK. It is not the program itself. We need fewer aliases in Hollywood, more genuine human beings.

Genuine human beings, that are not frauds have fewer operating system issues, may rarely kernel panic. Reliability is good for business, isn’t it?

Yes, this is very opinionated. But I felt like writing it just in case it helps someone somewhere. If it doesn’t help you in some way, hopefully you can write something better for us all sometime.

Dare to Dream

Block everything else out, take the time, own the moment… It’s be real in your mind if you can leave out OTHER PEOPLE’s MINDS. Really, that when you know it is YOURS. YOUR MOMENT.

How do you practice dreaming? It’s easier than you think. First you’ll have to stop absorbing everything that is immediately around you. Then think of a memory you can recall well. Within that memory, CHANGE IT. Add a person, a bird, a car, dialog or monologue that wasn’t there when it actually happened. Imagine different people saying the lines, change the clothes, change the ending…

And that is how you BEGIN. Good luck.

It’s late, but I wanted to be a part of my normal self. Back to dreaming, making, creating, existing elsewhere and in the same place. Good night, and enjoy your new beginnings. You can change them any time you want to.

Not me, but it is something I’d do.