COVID-19 Lockdown Low Budget Eats

I was thinking about it to myself, what are some things that are on the cheap but still good for you and has flavor during these COVID times? In my life I’ve had it in so many different ways; big food, little food, fast food, slow food, out of a can, military ration, NASA ice cream, and of course finest restaurants world-renowned. I’ve eaten around mold, and I’ve eaten some cheese that tasted like mold smells. What to do? I’ve knocked off ants, rescued crackers from roaches making a b-line, I’ve also ordered poetically a fine cut of imported, aged, grass-fed meat to a group of servers, and suggested the layout of the cut on their fine warmed, fragrant plate and the sequence of laying it down.

There are so many cultures around the world that know how to live off of very little. What they have in common are typically high-carbohydrates. Then vegetables and fruits. Finally animal fats. In that order is the pricing and availability to scarcity and cost. It’s far easier to store and create bread, tortillas, rice and noodles/pastas for instance.

On an independent film a few years back, I was sitting with a stunt man specialist in firearms and he was telling me about eating Top Ramen. I said, you know, for a dollar or a few more, you could much higher quality noodles from a Japanese market and have many times more nutrition in every dish.

Track back to a decade or so ago I watched a news story on maybe 60 Minutes about a village so poor they made “cakes” like “pancakes” of dirt and lived off the minerals and whatever else was in the dirt. The children on the program talking about it were alert and smart, not dead heads at all. They had no meat or vegetables. They mixed water and dirt for food. Daily.

I realize people outside of the United States may be reading this, please forgive me as I address the U.S. American audience with this blog post. To write something truly globally with justice, this article would have to be so much longer.

Now that you have my mental notes, USA, here is a short cut way to stay alive without much money.

Get full on little money. Try carbs. These are breads, noodles/pastas, rice. Without needing to spend big money, you can buy cornmeal for muffins and breads too. If you cook, working with flour you can make muffins, pizza dough, breads and more. Dumplings are actually really cheap fill up food!

Stay healthy on a low budget. Make sure you are eating protein. AVOID highly processed meats like bologna and hot dogs, please. You are better off even eating something like Spam. Do you realize you can buy a pound of hamburger and use it in all kinds of carb-based dishes from casseroles to lasagna, to spaghetti and meatballs, hamburgers, or bits on a pizza, tacos. Even cheap hamburger in bulk is still better than fast food hamburgers. It’s really just cheap steak and other areas of a cow chopped finely and pressed out. Don’t like beef? Buy chicken. My experience is that you may get more for your money buying bulk thighs or breasts than buying whole chickens. There is cheap tofu too. Don’t feel like cooking? Eat nuts. Walnuts are very healthy to chow down on, but in quantity not cheap at all. Cheap fresh fish is really great, but beware most fish are contaminated in some way. I don’t suggest eating loads of fish day in and out. Canned tuna is actually very healthy, but not cheap in quantity.

Balanced eating may bring you to the fruits and vegetables section of a market. Cheapest you can do in this area? Lettuce, apples, carrots, celery, oranges, bananas. Grapes? Expensive. You do not even need to eat this stuff every day, and not even in quantity to get loads of benefits.

Seasonings. You do not need to invest in singular spices, I suggest if you are on a budget, buy those big multi-spice/multi-purpose pre-mixed spice containers. You can get away even with just a chicken-type and use it on anything!

Though not the least expensive food, peanut butter is underrated for it’s health value. Same goes for ice cream. If you find yourself starved, malnourished and needing to get on your feet again, I highly suggest buying a quart of decent ice cream and eating that for a couple of days with or without other foods on your menu. With chocolate/cocoa even better for a boost, but your sleeping may be affected.

What can you buy for $20 here in the United States to keep you on your feet for a week? I’m sure homeless people have some ideas. Here are some of mine. Assuming you can drink tap water, I suggest buying bread ($3), meat (a pound of sliced ham and/or turkey $5-8) and a bag of apples($3-5), if you have left over, buy some candy you can suck on or chocolate. More money than this in a week? Buy a few bananas($2-4), granola or oats for cooking($3-6), cheese($2-5). This is not a sustainable amount week after week, but it may get one person through a rough week. Another thing you can do is invest in multivitamins ($8-20), a yogurt now and then($1-2). I’d stay clear of crackers, popcorn, potato chips, strong tasting vegetables—they may make you hungrier or wanting to eat more than you need.

Noodles/pastas and rice are underrated! You can use these with all kinds of meats and sauces, or even just spices and broths. If you are really low on money, do not get hung up on trying to make things taste “correct” or even “familiar”. I suggest even entertaining yourself combining really cheap stuff you wouldn’t normally. It’s an emotional booster to express a change, a creativity even if you are depressed. Remember, there are people on the same planet as you living off of eating dirt and water. I don’t suggest this in the United States and most urban and suburban areas, the ground is likely too contaminated with metals and fertilizers or pesticides.

In all honesty, I haven’t been starving at all lately, but sometimes I’ve been stressed out for weeks on end this year and not wanting to eat much. So in order just to eat something, I have studied prices and foods and eaten minimally.

IMDB Pro is Fraudulent

I’m saying this because I had a newer LLC posted on the database along with over 70 titles and descriptions, most with WGA numbers and they deleted them all without warning. That was the SOL III LLC list. And I use a Sol III LLC credit card to pay for the IMDB Pro membership. How is this not fraudulent?

Here is a short list of titles that should still be online.

Alien Pet Collector
B.I. Zero
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Big World
Jurassic World: Egg Games
Back to the Future: Timeless
Teen Fast
The Near Side
Walk of the Lost Shogun
Breaking Tradition
Open Book
Anyone’s Best Guess: In Search of the Real Steven Spielberg
My Own Small Nickel
Bandidos y Senoras
Bat Boy
Battle Animals
Beetle Riders of Nimbaru
Beware of the Sultan
Ant Racers
Backward Resolution
Bad Monster
Battle Zombies!
Beyond the Curve
Candy Lane
Close Encounters: Spectrum
Cog Wild
Criminal Activity
E.T. the New World Begins
End Wave
Flipping Marbles
Flutter Bis
Food Festival
Friendly Amoebas
G.I. Joe: New Dawn
Globus: Nightmare
Google Works
K-9 Officer Blitz and Friends
King Arthur’s Black Knight
Jurassic World: Blackout
L.A. Pure
Laughing Heads
Lead Soldiers
Master Rx
Mecha Bunnies
Mecha Bunnies: Metal Romp
Miss Sissy
Money Lust
Moon Patrol
New Origin
Peace Between Us
Panda Games
Plane Jane
Plane Jane: Rides
Project id
Quiet in the Directors Chair
Rat Fu!
Rip Eclipse
Smash Ball
Squad Zero
Sun Dancer
Tell Tails
The Peddler Named My Wife
War Games: Flashpoint
Well Stock Live
White Sunday
Wh1zB@ng Ville
Wild Pet Idiots
Writer Block
World Robot Games
Young Jules Verne
Battle Warrior

Hollywood and Our Entertainment

There are a lot of wonderful studios in Hollywood, I sometimes call them “countries” because each has its own parents and children, cultures too. Sometimes we visit each other, even loan-out our people to each other’s productions.

I suggest we remember, “savings”. But don’t force it on people who really want to go. Every member of our industry deserves the right to being a parent or a child if the opportunity presents itself. We are also brothers and sisters. I suggest, we all treat each other with respect. Just like we do our shows. No matter how bad or good. The entertainment industry, and the people in it are family. We are all bonded together to find ways to entertain the world, and of course make a living.

Now a bit of humor! Really, good friends and neighbors. You don’t have to have sex with someone to make a deal. That’s up to you. You could do a hand shake with someone, you know the kind people do sometimes to greet each other. Or make up what you want to. I still recommend you sit at a table with attorneys present, for ALL parties(as in the people involved with the deal) involved. I think it’s kind of sexy to make a deal, especially if there is a lot of money involved. How about you? And hey, don’t be judgmental.. or not too much. We’ve all come from diverse backgrounds, some we are proud of and some we are not. Everyone deserves a chance. Maybe more. Not everyone is suited for the job they are offered. But be smart about the person that is sent to you. They may have more potential than you realize. And if not, think about sending them to someone else they might fit in better with. Be nice, dammit!

Noah and the Flood

I have two ideas that came to my mind the other day and I just couldn’t write them down. Both are complicated.

I decided to read some of Genesis found in both the Christian bible and also the Jewish Torah. I came across the well known story of Noah.

Before I read much, it first came to my mind that there may have been other Noah’s in the past. It may have just been where I was reading about Noah. Then I thought, how could he have lived to be over 900 years old? I think I figured it out, just an idea. If you counted his predecessors and his descendants, the tally may come up to 900 years at the time of Noah’s death. This Noah of the Ark, who had his first sons at the age of 500.

Now if you think of other leaders from other nations and cultures of that past and closer to 1 BC some were counting an individual’s age in the hundreds. For instance a Roman who lived to be 1000+ years old. Some of the wealthy male Romans were known to have more than one wife. Imagine if those woman had multiple children, and their children had children and possibly more. That one Roman man could tally the years of all those lives and call himself having lived 700? 800 years of age. From his birth, to his death.

The other idea I had the other day, was also about Noah’s Ark and the massive flooding all over the Earth. No one I’ve ever known had a real idea as to how it could be possible for such floods to really have existed, other than it stormed a lot.

I have another idea to add to that. The moon controls the water tides on the Earth. If the moon got closer to the Earth, the tides would be more violent. There would be lower low tides and higher high tides. If it, the moon, got close enough, it could possibly move enough waters to places where it could cover a vast landscape, even covering low, maybe high mountains.

As the tides changed, so would the storm action. Now we all know the moon orbits the Earth. The storming might become much more violent, around the whole planet. If the moon were low enough to do this, it may not be able to quickly regain its normal orbit further away, which would mean the stronger tides and storms would last longer than normal.

Here is my idea, that I’ve never seen written of or spoken of in my own lifetime. And I have asked people and read about Noah. It’s a great story. What if, the moon were hit by an asteroid large enough, with enough mass and inertia that its orbit changed? Maybe it is possible the moon got pushed toward Earth long enough for Noah to get his massive flood. I realize that is highly speculative, but what if?

I’ve read somewhere, that there has been massive flooding on Earth before. Maybe many times. And we know the whole moon is covered in craters from asteroid hits. Some of those craters are very large, and appear to be very old.

Here is my last thought on the moon coming closer to the Earth. If it were hit by an asteroid, big enough, fast enough… AND it spun the moon, would it be possible that it could force it even closer because the orbit changed that much? Just an idea. If that were possible, then it could be the face of the moon we see today is not the same one Noah and past peoples saw in their time. I guess I’ll have to read up on that.