The Nature of a Cancer Cell

Wrote this out without much editing. Likely to return and re-write. Just wanted to get it out again. It was first written on my Twitter account in 2020, one of the ones people in Los Angeles demanded I close and never bring back.

A quick search online gave me these results.

I’m not a doctor, but I have read findings and met people with various stages of living and dying with cancer in their bodies. Some just had skin cancer, some were within their last weeks of life as their bodies were overtaken. I have studied the nature of a cancer cell by being a witness since childhood. Reading and listening and staring at humans in front of me and in articles and documentaries. I also crossed paths with people who know what it is, or enough to have warned me and some others of how to keep away from keeping too much of it. Believe it or not, in spite of all that I have been through people have wanted me to live at least until this current age. I’m nearly upon my half-century. I’ve also studied images and findings about fish and other living organisms of the seas who have been affected by toxins and deaths by cancer. They were taken down the same way as humans.

Here is what it looks like.

Cancer begins with a chemical toxin outside of a living organism. It touches actively traveling cells in a body which touch each other and the actual contaminant is spread. Depending on the toxicity, it will damage the cells carrying it or perhaps just make them act abnormally. Eventually the toxin will collect in certain places and cluster with other damaged cells. Fat cells tend not to move as fast in the body and in a way act like a sponge for some toxins. Sadly, in human beings there are fat cells in all kinds of places, even the brain. These “collections” become tumors. Sometimes these are a collection of dying and dead cells, though even dying, they can be the host of the original toxin(s). A radical example would be taking a tiny dense sponge full of thinned paint and putting it in a glass of water. Mostly the paint will stay within the mass of the sponge, but the color will leak for a long time and the surrounding water will eventually change from clear to colored. There is a lot of water in a human body.

Two kinds of cells to consider. Fat cells that don’t move much and blood cells that travel quite a bit. All cells in a body are like “sponges” to toxins. Some will carry more toxins than others. Fat cells probably hold the most. Unfortunately, there is NO WAY for the human body to exist without some fat cells. Fat cells tend to cluster too. Sick, abnormal cells cluster too.

A “cancerous” cell can also be one affected by electromagnetism. A living cell can be disrupted into being “sick” by forms of ENERGY such as xrays, ultraviolet light, microwaves and more. Many of these exist just standing outside under the sun, even on a cloudy day. Though many people and animals never get a form of cancer that is notable or treatable, we have deterioration happening every moment of our lives and the actual environments we live in shorten our lifespans. Weakened or sick cells in a human body add to its inability to regenerate and stay young. But most people live a “normal” life of over 40 years of age, so this is not something to be upset about. The cancerous cells from radiation poisoning are found in people who have been over-exposed to nuclear disasters(also bombs). Not from being xrayed in hospitals for lifetime football injuries.

The nature of cancer cell is that it could still be very functional to the body it is in but carrying a toxin. Also, it could be a very sick cell such that its own DNA makeup has changed from toxicity. The problem with human cells is that they share information, energy, water and contaminants. Human cells also split. So sick cells not only can carry toxins, but if they split or cause others to split, the DNA in the human body may change, especially if any of those cells get near reproductive organs. Which is how cancer may transfer to an offspring. In a fish or human being, or NOT AT ALL.

The human body is still resilient. When it can, it rids itself of dead, sick and toxic cells. More often than not cancer is NOT given to the next generation, but the possibility of the SAME TYPE OF CANCER happening in an offspring is definitely there. It has to do with the nature of the affected cells.

The current cures.

Here is how modern medicine is “curing cancer”. It is using strong radiation and chemicals to further destroy already sick and affected cells. It may help slow and possibly stop the SPREAD of cancer-causing toxins in the body. But that is all it is doing. Destroying cells that are sick. By the way it works… the weakest cells in the body are going to die first. The hope is they won’t split nor progress.

The real cure?

My humble opinion there are two ways to end cancer. One is to address chemical toxins by using countering drugs and chemicals to nullify the toxicity itself. To address radiation or energy-based damaged cells is to filter them out of the body over time. I will note: cells affected by radiation may actually act abnormally and not balance chemicals in the host body. They themselves could behave like cells who have been affected by chemical toxins. Cells in the body share matter. Some faster than others. Filtering of blood and cell replacement could aid in ridding a body of contaminated and sick cells.

There is very little opportunity to repair a damaged cell. They are simple and in a way like little cars in a city. You can replace tires, change oil, but if they’ve been in a serious crash they are junked. You cannot replace the tires on thousands of cars to fix a tire noise problem in a city–if such a thing existed! Which means maybe medicine should continue to look toward and work on developing ways to generate new cells in a body and filter/remove sick and dead ones. Removing cancer cells is a key thing–even a dead cell can still carry chemical toxins in a body.

Dummy Cells!

I proposed this on my Twitter feed some time ago now, mid 2020? Dummy cells injected into a living body… human or not.. to act as “sponges” to clean up toxins. Maybe they are cells that are easily recollected and filtered out of the blood? Engineered for the specific purpose of removing toxins and/or attaching to cancerous cells. If they permanently attached to a cancer cell, it may prevent it from going places it shouldn’t and also spreading more toxins.. or even splitting. They are “dummies” in that they are NOT part of the actual system of the body they are in. Still foreign objects, and do not actually participate in the maintenance of the body.

KFC China’s Food Waste Problem

KFC China created a great promotion with an unexpected problem: People are more interested in the “surprise box” of unique, limited edition artwork/toys/collectibles than the food itself–and are dumping the food!

Screenshot of’s link preview.

I may have come up with a similar idea a long time ago that was pre-smart phone, pre-global public internet too. It was NOT acceptable to those I pitched it to. Back then, all the additional work wouldn’t be cost effective at all (imagine duplicates of the receipts, mechanical cash registers, more cash than credit card transactions on average, manual/hand-written ledgers for recording each donation, etc.). But now, it comes to mind again. Perhaps the now device-savvy world is ready to do this. Restaurants post-COVID quarantines needing all the income they can get to stay open may be interested too. Here is my pitch!

From my post on

Whether they pre-order online, on an app, or stand in the store.. how about purchasing the food package and just before the order is charged they are offered to “DONATE FOOD TO CHARITY?” So instead of serving the food to a customer who is going to toss it before even leaving the store… KFC can “Keep the food, donate the food cost to charity”, and give the toy gift to the buyer. THE FULL TRANSACTION STILL HAS TO OCCUR. A buyer of the food must actually transact for it, not make another deal. They can choose not to take the food though.

Actually, this is NOT a bad idea for any retail food operation. Offer to sell a product like… a $8 burger and a person can choose to “donate the food to charity”… so the greater part of the $8 goes to charity, and the restaurant keeps a percentage and never makes and packages, serves that food. A scenario would be going to a restaurant (fast food or not) and instead of buying just 4 meals for the 4 people sitting at the table, they can order other things on the menu and choose “donate the food to charity”… but the reality is the restaurant does NOT donate the actual food itself, but the cost or the price minus a percentage to donate the $ to a charity that handles food?

I was actually trying to stay AFK (away from keyboard) for a day or two but I felt a need to just look at online news a few minutes this evening. Got inspired! Disclaimer: I am a fan and eat KFC’s chicken and sides in the United States.

is Social Media a Weapon?

Is this a posture of war or threat? Blogging peacefully with your drink and food at your side? (Stock photo from

Late 2020, I was arrested for “criminal threats” on Twitter. I complained with words, big ones, tough ones. I simply DID NOT want to be; 1) kidnapped, 2) beaten up and threatened for free ideas, 3) see my IPs stolen from the Writers Guild or elsewhere where I have authentically registered them. THESE THINGS HAVE HAPPENED IN THE PAST. I wrote about it in a public way on SOCIAL MEDIA to alert other people it angers me. But someone in Los Angeles took notice and had me arrested. Yes! The real kind!

Is Twitter or any social media platform a weapon? How can I use it to actually bring harm to someone? It is free writing, freedom of speech to others. Some may be interested, some not. Interestingly I NEVER SENT AN ANGRY EMAIL to any one in Los Angeles regarding IPs at all. I NEVER DIRECTLY THREATENED A SPECIFIC INDIVIDUAL. I just wrote and wrote… in a very public, available place. I actually thought I made it obvious I HAD NO INTENT to SHOW UP IN PERSON AND YELL AT PEOPLE. Why? Because I TALKED ABOUT MY ANGER SO MUCH ONLINE. I doubt I could have gotten within 20 miles of “offended people” without someone watching me.

How can social media be a weapon? It may upset someone’s breakfast? A meal? But then eating spoiled food will do the same. If you chose to eat it, then how can you say it was a weapon? Reading someone else’s writing is a matter of CHOICE. EVERYONE had a choice to READ my WRITING last year… or ignore it.

Using FORCE and FORCES against me was far more threatening a gesture. Sending fraud police to kidnap me. A false arrest… (they recited my rights when the handcuffs were off). And more. (I may add more details later).

What remains is I CHOSE to verbalize my thinking as public as possible so as to alert people I was angry. Not that I had a SPECIFIC INTENT TO DO AN ACTUAL HARM upon a SPECIFIC individual. Not surprisingly, the “offended people” sent their own people in PERSONAL WRITTEN ATTACKS more than once via my web sites. They actually wrote to me DIRECTLY in threatening and harassing ways. The group also went as far to fraudulently state to online blogs and magazines that I attempted to BUY A GUN and that I was STALKING. Even though I lived two counties away, over 100 miles away from ‘presumed offended person’ as I still never got from the L.A. courts WHICH person had told the L.A.P.D. that I was threatening them. I wasn’t even given a zip code to which person in L.A. thought I was threatening them. And no, I haven’t even taken gun shooting classes let alone applied for a permit, let alone walked into a gun store to even get information about classes and appropriate PROTECTION firearm. I own none. Not even a flare gun on my old boat.

Why am I writing this? Because there are other people who may have been wronged in the same way. Speaking up may SAVE OTHER PEOPLE TOO.

Update 1/11/22
I decided to review Twitter’s policies again just to refresh my memory and to see if they had changed much. Well, not really. I’m sharing my email to an attorney. Here is a link to the page I reference. Twitter Report Violations

Update: February 6, 2022
Freedom of Speech on Private Property
Well, I got into trouble for writing… hosted on Twitter. It was their virtual property as well as their private web and application servers. All my content was hosted on their hardware and software. They were NEVER notified or if they were, they chose to allow my content to remain without edits.

Why was the law enforcement of Los Angeles notified that I was making criminal threats? I cannot even confirm that is where someone read my writing, that was on a privately-owned web site. Twitter is NOT OWNED by the city nor county of Los Angeles. It isn’t state nor federal government owned.

Why didn’t Los Angeles law enforcement notify TWITTER that they were hosting content that was offensive to someone? It would have been the equivalent of a home owner getting a phone call or possible threats from the police department they were hosting a noisy party with a loud mouth present.


Like a car! Just putting this out there. WHERE ARE THE CHINESE CARS? Looks like we have Japanese, Korean, so many European in the United States.

Here is a link I found for us all to read on. CHINESE CAR BRANDS (opens in a new tab) This web site looks really cool. That is a slick concept on the home page for English speakers. SAIC Motors And here is the “Kun”

SAIC Motor Expo Dubai concept car “Kun” unveiled
September 29, 2021

I’ll write more on this topic soon. I also want to research for some cool photos.

Of Terrorism and Peace – The Cycle

It’s true. I’ve seen it, experienced it . Popular people “without an army” get .. replaced by someone who is likely TOUGHER, MORE TERRORISTIC. Keep your eyes open in history.

What happens next is the TERRORISTIC EXTREMIST gets toppled, thrown out and replaced by someone who is merciful. Or more merciful. But then… they may become too popular and the cycle returns, bringing back someone terroristic who may not be too popular.

Which Fish Are You? I didn’t create this image, but it adds a sense of comic relief to this blog post? This is what a big fish can look like, and what a little fish can look like. I believe that little fish is actually minding its own business and casually swimming along enjoying its day, and a big group has gathered who may not be friendly… Adults who are reading this, this is how it can feel to a child even when they are just sitting by themselves at home. They instinctively know adults are bigger and more in charge. As are even children who are physically bigger or more mature. It is a threat that may or may not exist. But if this image were of a real situation and that little fish turned around… what are those group of fish actually thinking? Is it possible that little fish looks like they are in the “lead” because they are ahead of the group? Or because the group is chasing it? Is the little fish popular (to our eye looking at it) because IT ISN’T IN A GROUP, and just doing its own thing? Are YOU ADMIRING that little fish and feeling jealous? (I know, this didn’t turn out to be a comic image. It strikes the hearts of most people because we all have felt this at least once in our lives. Being a little fish, or even being in the group to form a big fish.)

Why can’t humanity strive for a happy medium? Why do we have so much UNREST?

I’m thinking there are more people wanting to be popular than there are “places or jobs of popularity”.

A “king of the mountain” mentality.

Also, I sense… there are people of peace and people of war. Sometimes one or the other is popular. Is this due to the society? Community? Based on governmental economic health?

Peaceful people have a difficult time being forceful, so they rarely get hugely popular nor make the amount of money a “war-ing” person may. It is not an inequity. It is one of the natures of things.

A Holiday Gift – The Compliment

The troubles of the world have been upon us as we shared in dire news of the viruses and the economy problems all year long. But there is time, even in a few seconds to give and share a gift

Gifts can come in all shapes and sizes. Compliments can be wrapped up in all sorts of ways!

It is NOT required to buy gifts for people anytime, any holiday, any occasion. You can package something “treasure-able” in a compliment. Gifting doesn’t have to be something you paid for.

If you can’t afford something physical, maybe just say something nice to someone. It won’t cost you much at all. It may be a gift to yourself too.

Nice Thing About Reading and Writing

You can just pick it up or put it down when you choose.

Creatively speaking, I’ll relate this old adage.

If you hadn’t gone down this road, you may never have seen this tree. If you didn’t live in the same country, or even part of town, you may never have heard about it. Giving us a winter scene photo since it is now the winter season.

“If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?”

If you hadn’t READ my WRITING, would you have thought I was violent? A threat to anyone? If you didn’t know how to read English, would you have ever called the police to have me arrested? Would you tell others I am educated? Wealthy? Well known?

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The Fallen Tree

I wasn’t planning to add this to this page at this time, but… If you heard about a fallen tree somewhere but didn’t know where it happened or the circumstances, would you TELL SOMEONE ABOUT A FALLEN TREE?

What if you did not even see a photo of the fallen tree? If you were standing on a tropical island and someone said, “I witnessed a fallen tree!” Would you ask, “What kind of tree?” or would you just ASSUME it was a tree growing in the tropics? Behind you? On another island? Would you ask, “Why did you just tell me this?”

The person with the story (I’m creating a little story)…

Stands in front of the other person and says, “Look, this tree. It fell. It is really bothering me. May I CHOP IT UP?”

You answer, “Oh, it is bothering you? Yes, please do as you wish.”

Person standing there with the tree problem. “Okay, I appreciate this!” They go away. Back home. A tree that got pushed slightly toward their own yard is there. They hire a team to chop it down. It was a 50 year old tree, historical in the neighborhood. The wood was not given to people to burn in fireplaces, instead just dumped somewhere to rot.

A phone rings. “Yes?” The tree complainer answers.

“Why did you chop down MY tree?” Asks the voice on the phone.

“You gave me permission,” says the tree complainer.

On the phone, “I have a $3k bill in my shaking hands that I am liable for. Tree trimming company did all this professional work, and billed me because the tree was on my yard.”

“Yes, but you gave me permission,” says the tree complainer.

On the phone, “I thought you respected me enough to come talk to me first?”

Now. Think. Has this happened in your life at all, in any way?

Here is what could have really gone wrong. The tree wasn’t slanted at all. It actually was not dangerous, or even different than the day before. It just looked different perhaps at a… different angle.

On the phone, “Wait a minute. I thought you were on the neighborhood watch committee, you seemed to know a lot about everyone? I thought maybe you were the brother of my neighbor who I’ve known for decades.”

Tree complainer says, “No I was just driving by one day, got out and stood in your neighbor’s yard and greeted you.”

On the phone, “I thought you would have warned me that you were complaining about the big tree, not the smaller one closer to… my neighbor’s fence. Why didn’t you tell me you were going to hire people and that it would be a catastrophic change to my yard?”

Here is someone’s fallen tree.
In person, it looks like a project tree that may have been worked on for decades since a seedling.

a Native American Nation Within United States Borders

Native Americans in Washington D.C. (image from Washington Post)

Today is November 26th, 2021 and it is Native American Heritage Day which has been an annual event since 2009 when Barack Obama signed it in. To the few who knew me, I was very behind this happening. I know not all presidents wanted to take that leap of recognition or were pressed not to. I’m glad it finally got done and we can now celebrate it! I say “now” because it is clear that all these hundreds of years we haven’t thanked the original owners of “the table” newcomers to the Americas were fed at. The Native American Indians were PROVIDERS to people in the early days. They gave advice in the new world. They were not as sophisticated and could not protect themselves from “old world criminals” and their peoples were cornered and pushed aside. And that is the nice way of putting it.

I grew up in the United States, in the Hawaiian Islands far from Washington D.C. but I was close to political students and teachers. Some professional politicians were in and out of our circles through the years. It just kept me aware and paying attention as I tried to get through the pains of childhood and teenage years. I DID NOT get formal U.S. studies in high school like I would have liked. I was moved around to different schools and my U.S. history may look weaker than some new U.S. citizens! I’ve studied it over the years though in spite of missing out on formal studies in school. The school of life is vibrant and interesting if you open yourself to it, and it allows you to learn more perspectives from the beginning instead of being programming in classes taught by a few teachers with strict curricula. I’ve tried to be opinionated only when I felt I had enough knowledge to make an opinion known. Otherwise I remained silent until I had time to review or think about it more. This has lead me to be specific in my writing, but also I too have become vibrant in thinking and writing. I am a product of the learning I gave myself. My words are not based on a single movie, narrative or documentary. It’s a culmination of decades of picking up pieces and analyzing them. Those pieces are everything from speaking with people in person, to films, text books, magazines, blogs, reading and watching the news and more. They are MY PIECES and MY OPINIONS that result.

Here is what I am thinking. Just an idea. I haven’t even researched if this would be popular or not.

How about two native nations in the United States?

Two? You may ask. Yes. Native American Indian and Hawaiian. Granted the Eskimos shouldn’t be forgotten either, perhaps they can join the Indian nation or be allowed to be the Eskimo Nation?

Native Hawaiians marching in Honolulu, Hawaii

This is what comes to mind. The Hawaiians were in Hawaii before the old world explorers dropped in and changed things. The American Indians were there before the same. It is fair, very fair to call them the original and native peoples. I propose they each have their own nation within the U.S. borders and be better represented legally in Washington D.C. and in the media. I truly do not feel they are getting enough respect day to day. They should be better known to the mass audience, even global. I’m not saying these nations within a nation should be more powerful than the U.S. government, but I believe our country should know them better. If this means improving their lives so they look better, maybe we should be doing this. Otherwise the old world came to the lands of the Americas and terrorized what they found and that’s all it was. No, that was not meant to be a pleasant sentence and statement. It’s my sprung-finger-thwack on some heads of people reading this. I’m waking up to this too.

Image from Morning Starr

Two Native Nations (perhaps three)
This is based on geography and DNA pools.

Native American Indian Nation
Native Hawaiian Nation
Eskimo Nation

The Cure

Photo 50287724 / Connection Concept © Rawpixelimages |

I’ve seen a lot of things. Believe I’ve figured out how to solve our planet’s peoples. It isn’t just “COEXIST” or “Can’t we get along?”

We have to start with every individual. Build in motivation since birth about how to be a proper human being. And that is someone everyone can communicate and do business with.

Granted not every person is equipped to be a Steve Jobs or a Bill Gates or a loved celebrity or politician. But maybe that is the key. What individuals’ traits to we all “believe in” and can “get behind”?

Our trouble is we come from so many different backgrounds and upbringings.

What if we strive to create people who are clearly “accessible” and have undeniable human “etiquette”. People we can trust, work with, rely on, and understand.

Is it possible to drop conflicts? Start just ending conflicts? Eliminating “grey areas” and better define for the human race what it is to be a genuine, top grade human being? What does it really take to be one of those?

Why do we have criminals? Why do we have “embarrassing people we try to hide”? What has gone wrong that we spend our lives questioning what we do when we know what societal rules and laws are? Every country has them defined.

What has gone wrong that in some circumstances it is “okay to break the rules of humanity” or “common societal understandings”? When it is really okay to be anti-society and anti-human rights?

Human rights. Why is not every human being so solid on them that we can build societies with fewer “errors” in the “framework” of what we all live in?

I may rewrite some of this later. This is entirely off the cuff. Something I really felt like saying, but didn’t have enough experience decades ago to say it. So my words and wishes were simpler back then. I’m more complicated now, but I can also take complicated thinking and boil it down to what is key. This is NOT an easy subject to think about and just write about. Consider it TAKE ONE on my thoughts. More to come unless someone ends my budding new career as a freelance writer!

Bitter the Snowman

Notes and beginning of rough draft
October 30, 2021

I just wrote this a little while ago this evening. Straight out. No break. Fast enough to flow, not for artful handwriting. Bitter the Snowman draft in progress. October 30, 2021

Dirty snow, rocks, sticks
Old carrot nose
Dog pee yellowed snow
Wire arm

Doesn’t face the street

A storm comes in, he is gone.

Scares children
Causes man to slip w/ice
Spins two kids around, gets them lost

Santa finds him.
Grumbles he had to leave his shop early, leave work to find Bitter.

Santa: “What’s going on, Bitter?”

Bitter: “I hate people. They don’t like me. I’m ugly on the outside, and I can’t change it. So I’m angry on the inside, can’t change it.”

Santa: “Bitter, if I change you for a day, will you be nicer to people? Halloween is over, the holidays are almost here. This is the time of year people don’t naturally like. They realize how long and hard the year has been, and the weather itself is working against them. It even costs more money this time of year, so it hurts pocket books. The more darkness and cold scares children, adults too, especially the homeless.”

Bitter: “I had a home. Unhappy people made me. I’m homeless now too.”

Santa: “Only a short time, Bitter. You were just a lawn decoration and we gave you some magic to move around. When the storm is gone, you’ll be home again.”

Bitter: “What is it you want, Santa? Guess I’m here today, gone tomorrow.”

Santa: “Bitter, it’s your your chance to be something different for a while. Ho ho ho!”

(Noises elsewhere, Bitter turns around and Santa is gone.)

To be continued…

I’ve been wanting to work on this a few days now. Had to feel a certain comfort, sense a “spring board”, a beginning and nature about it. Frosty the Snowman the animated movie is a favorite of mine. I don’t know it by heart, every scene that is, but I still feel it. I was very young when I first watched it. It brought me joy. A whole lot. I may have even pitched an angry snowman back then just as a villain for contrast. The truth is I enjoy happier than sad stories and really that’s my mark. It’s so easy to make dark stories, I guess so many angry underpaid writers out there who flesh them out. This is just a little self made story, no adults helping. (I’m snickering at that). I’ve really been messed up since childhood. Adults stealing my stories. This character Bitter reminds me of one of them. Even though I’ve suffered, I know others have too in this world. I don’t hate Bitter at all, I want Bitter the Snowman to have a story. I wish I had made this weeks ago. I may have made it with more Halloween elements. To be continued though… =)

Update 12/8/21:
Bitter is deciding whether the next step is onto the right or wrong foot. His conundrum is that his inner spirit is very angry. More than a part of him wants to do every wrong to people who try to do everything right or correct. The other part of him is quieter. Not as pressing or interesting, to him anyway. He’s so used messing things up and being messed up. Not sure if it’s fear or just being too different. Funny that a snowman would even consider it. But Santa showed up and that’s angering him! It means someone somewhere knows him. But does that mean they expect him to be different? Will he pay for it later if he is different than he always was? Uncertainty can be so scary. Even for a creature like him… made of powdered ice and garbage. He knows there is something to do, or he wouldn’t have been given some magic. But what to do with it? Can he mess up Santa?

Now I’m getting into Bitter’s head because I need to know what this character wants to do. What does it want to do. What is the reader expecting? What path should I put this “device” or “vehicle” on? I’ll be back. I missed finishing this story by Hanukkah, but maybe before Christmas or the new year. It needs to be a holiday tale!

Update: 12/25/21:
It is Christmas Day, and the other day I considered maybe I should wait until Spring to finish telling the tale of Bitter the Snowman. I wrote the ending for it weeks ago by hand and wasn’t satisfied. I’m now thinking, is it supposed to be simple or epic? A simple ending is easy, an epic one requires more thinking and thoughtfulness, even more emotions, problems and solutions if you want to be technical about it. I will try a happy or bitter medium and attempt to finish the story BEFORE New Year’s Eve of this year. Before the end of 2021. Have a nice holiday break, everyone.

Update 12/30/21:
Is this finished?
Yes and no. I have the ending and the notes to get there. I am not sure how to best handle the messaging of what Bitter does. It is worrying me the content may not be “young enough” for a lower-aged audience. I’ve been doing a lot of adult blogging this past year, so that habit snuck in!

I may create “A Short, Bitter Ending” for 2021 and then a new, more elaborate one for next December 2022. =) It’s not about trying to hold onto an audience that long. I really want to spend more time on the last half of Bitter’s story so it is truly satisfying, memorable too. Rushing to put it together before the New Year rings in may cause me to miss some creative opportunities within the story telling. Tomorrow is December 31st, 2021. The last of this year on the calendar. I’ll release the short ending, but it may really just be a teaser for the real ending to be released Winter 2022.

A Short, Bitter Ending (just for the end of 2021)

Bitter had to stop himself. He was taking too much pleasure being dizzy!

Determined, he decided in that moment to work against Santa anyway. Looking around slowly he started to form a plan. Who he could get on his side, who he can use without paying, what he could steal, how to cause damage…


There was a deafening sound and Bitter was temporarily blinded by a lightning strike.

A deep bellowing voice pounded so loudly it shook his mind even with his eyes closed.

“BITTER,” it said slowly, like thunder of the storm slowly echoing away to other towns in the distance.

“I am Father Time. Stopping you here and now. Santa was too trusting?”

Bitter starts to answer, but the chill made even the ice of his body shiver. “I… I… want things MY WAY!”

The thunder in the sky shook EVERYTHING including Bitter. To someone else it may have sounded like laughter.

Father Time speaks, “BITTER, you are not going to like what is going to happen. We already know now. I’m going to take you back to Santa in the future so you’ll know what he has to say. When he is done speaking, the story you wished for will begin.”


The lightning flashes and flashes and flashes.

Bitter blinks and blinks.

He wakes up, tired, laying on his back. Above the sky is deep blue and clouds dissipating. It’s warm, like another season. Birds are chirping. There must be a party in the distance all ages laughing.

Santa steps up into view looking down on Bitter. “We gave you the magic of movement, and the power of ‘influence’,” says Santa. “What do you think you did with it?”

“I tried to undo you. Eliminate you. Get you to be less than me,” says Bitter.

“Bad ideas, Bitter,” mumbles Santa.

“If I overcome you–be better, be stronger–you cannot control me, or my life,” says Bitter.

Moving to leave Santa replies, “I wasn’t your enemy, Bitter. I can’t give you a new name or life now.”

Bitter stares straight up at the blue sky realizing he can’t move. He feels.. hot? Sinking into the grass around him?

A warm wind slowly cuts off all the sound of laughter of the distant party–and bells of a sleigh? Was Santa saying, “Ho ho ho”?

Father Time whispers, “Now you have to live through it.”

Bitter GASPS!

It is dark and silent now.

Bitter the Snowman will be released in its entirety next Winter 2022. Hope you have enjoyed it so far!