The beauty of change is that it is abstract.

Your input will help shape it.

A thriving society is one that is ever changing.

That means we should all be participating in shaping it.

A little poetry before I get back to my law studies. I was supposed to be doing some cleaning at home but I got a honey bee sting moving my paddle board early this morning. I was rushing, normally I would have looked where I put my hand. The rushing wasn’t necessary, and it disrupted my whole day, setting me back hours of work when I could have taken 10 seconds or less to see where I was placing my hand. I messed up that bee’s life too. They often die after a sting is given. My big mistake of the day. Consideration, before shaping up a day.

An Allegory of a Table

Imagine a square table top, one that a single person can carry. No legs on it, just the top.

A man or a women carries this table top and sets ONE corner on a brick wall that is just high enough to be like a leg.

Another person is very wealthy and they hire a small company to produce a fancy leg for the table and this person adds this to a SECOND corner.

Another person is clever and skilled, makes a leg for the table them self and adds it to the THIRD corner.

The last person to contribute finds a nearby stick on the ground and sets it under the FOURTH corner of the table.

Which corner or person are you, and which do you want to be?

It’s not a trick question, it is an answer for you to ponder. How do you value yourself, and what role is yours that you want to be? Which leg is the strongest, fastest, most valuable? There is no right or wrong answer. This may or may not be key in how you exist in this life you are given. This is just a fictional story. You can add to it too. Maybe you are one who is going to have dinner on this table, or maybe you are the bird that visits the person adding a leg. It’s up to you!

This is an original work. Just thought of it, wrote it out now. Please be honorable and acknowledge my authorship if you quote this elsewhere.

Hollow in the Sky

tic toc
my feet walk

i cross the street

wander left

I tripped
didn’t fall

last week
is a new day
a new perspective
a new way

peace I fought
anger I thought

But it is clear
newer is nearer
to us all so dearer

new is unbroken

giving to the hollow in the sky.

Well, I didn’t escape writing some poetry after all this morning!


“Home,” said the little donkey on tv. “Why are we here?”

Said the Bull Doggy laying in front of it, “Well, it’s not safe outside.”

Kitty chimes in, “It’s cold, windy, rainy, even some ice. But it is the sickness we are avoiding.”

Birdie says while pacing back and forth on perch, “We’ll be out! We’ll be out again!”

Fishy says while floating in the center of his aquarium, “Noooo worrorrorories. Staying in one safe place a long time isn’t all bad.”

Kids sitting around bored. “Yeah, I want to beat up my sister.”

Sister: “If I were bigger you wouldn’t!”

Brother: “Yes, I still could.”

Iguana: “Hmmm. Don’t bother fighting. Start thinking. What keeps people happy? What makes people work so hard? Why do people smile? Don’t mind me, I’m a friend of Yoda, like the rest of the animals on this planet. We worry too, but we don’t complain. Happy to have food and air to breathe. Humans are entertaining us.”

Party of ants marching to trash can singing: “Don’t worry little fighting humans, we’ll take care of your trash! Stay there lazy on the couch. You may hate us later though, we invite all our extended family for big reunions when the trash isn’t taken out!”

Boy: “Are the animals and insects talking?”

Girl: “Yes, I think they are!”

Birdie: “Use your imagination, you’ll fly further than any bird I know!”

I was just sitting here, and this came to mind. Not intended to be much more, some people write poetry. I was thinking of Dr. Suess and Shel Silverstein but instead of “translating” into their style, I kept it very straightforward. Maybe later I’ll change it up, write it a different way. This is “fresh out of the box”, I just wrote it out, adjusted a couple of words. So much of my work in my lifetime has been handled by many people; if nothing else hundreds of crew, seen by thousands of eyes before the public gets it.

The Snake and the Honey Bee

Just for fun, a story idea just came to mind so I thought I’d just create it as I write it. Too long for a Twitter post, so I jot it here. Why not?

The Snake slithers on the ground, the Honey Bee aloof and pushed around by the wind. The Snake wraps around rocks and moves dirt as it passes under the sky.

The Honey Bee see so many things, like the big snake below.

A flower has dropped on a near by rock that the snake is headed to, just along its path. The Honey Bee sees it and smells the pollen, diving right for it.

The Snake looks up and pauses ever so slightly still moving to the rock, and it spots the Honey Bee.

Focused on the flower, and its mission in life to get pollen and deliver it to the honey comb and colony, the bee just lands down and gets yellow dusted by the flower.

The Snake approaches, slowing down, almost motionless and peers over the edge of the rock, and the Honey Bee just meanders around, methodically getting more and more pollen.

A lightning bolt from the sky breaks the clouds far above and there is a thundering laughter.

A bright light flashes and The Snake is blinded temporarily. It straightens up taller, and taller, now feet above the little rock and the smoking flower. The Honey Bee is not there.

The Snake is ANGRY, beyond ANGRY that it didn’t get the little bee, nor did it get to mess up the flower. It turns around quickly to leave and a BIG BLACK INSECT ARM AND CLAW GRIPS The Snake below its head and holds it in place. The Snake’s eyes reflect a bees’s face in many ways, many angles.

There is a distant thunder and the rain makes the sound of applause.

The body of the snake twitches a few times and goes limp. The BIG INSECT ARM AND BLACK CLAW drops the snake to the ground, dead.

All there remains is the rock, the dead body of the envious killer snake, some wet ashes of the flower, and the big sky above. The rest is for you to make up!

THE END, could always be a new beginning.

(written once, under 10min)