Alife Code

I have this little feel that I can create an algorithm for an AI life. Not a game, a thinking artificial life. Could be I’ll end up being more poetic and sci-fi… but at least I gotz a cool name for it!

What’s in code? What’s in a code. Sounds like a hot dog in a bun, but a lil more complicated.

Though I’ve had an awkward life, roaming around like a fool, I’ve also had some significant contributions along the way.

Alife Code. hrmm. Part of me wants to feel like a music composer at a piano, the other part wants to draw runes like I did last year. I’m not a computer, but like you I can stimulate my mind and memories with things that are familiar and vaguely familiar. Can a poet design a thinking pseudo-life?

(6/14/2021) First thought about it.

Any aware mind has one fundamental concept that it bases and builds its own life’s perceptions. Right and Wrong.

What comes next? What to do with a Right or Wrong. Do you leave it as it is, or do you change it–and in what way and manner?

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