Of Terrorism and Peace – The Cycle

It’s true. I’ve seen it, experienced it . Popular people “without an army” get .. replaced by someone who is likely TOUGHER, MORE TERRORISTIC. Keep your eyes open in history.

What happens next is the TERRORISTIC EXTREMIST gets toppled, thrown out and replaced by someone who is merciful. Or more merciful. But then… they may become too popular and the cycle returns, bringing back someone terroristic who may not be too popular.

Which Fish Are You? I didn’t create this image, but it adds a sense of comic relief to this blog post? This is what a big fish can look like, and what a little fish can look like. I believe that little fish is actually minding its own business and casually swimming along enjoying its day, and a big group has gathered who may not be friendly… Adults who are reading this, this is how it can feel to a child even when they are just sitting by themselves at home. They instinctively know adults are bigger and more in charge. As are even children who are physically bigger or more mature. It is a threat that may or may not exist. But if this image were of a real situation and that little fish turned around… what are those group of fish actually thinking? Is it possible that little fish looks like they are in the “lead” because they are ahead of the group? Or because the group is chasing it? Is the little fish popular (to our eye looking at it) because IT ISN’T IN A GROUP, and just doing its own thing? Are YOU ADMIRING that little fish and feeling jealous? (I know, this didn’t turn out to be a comic image. It strikes the hearts of most people because we all have felt this at least once in our lives. Being a little fish, or even being in the group to form a big fish.)

Why can’t humanity strive for a happy medium? Why do we have so much UNREST?

I’m thinking there are more people wanting to be popular than there are “places or jobs of popularity”.

A “king of the mountain” mentality.

Also, I sense… there are people of peace and people of war. Sometimes one or the other is popular. Is this due to the society? Community? Based on governmental economic health?

Peaceful people have a difficult time being forceful, so they rarely get hugely popular nor make the amount of money a “war-ing” person may. It is not an inequity. It is one of the natures of things.