Noah and the Flood

I have two ideas that came to my mind the other day and I just couldn’t write them down. Both are complicated.

I decided to read some of Genesis found in both the Christian bible and also the Jewish Torah. I came across the well known story of Noah.

Before I read much, it first came to my mind that there may have been other Noah’s in the past. It may have just been where I was reading about Noah. Then I thought, how could he have lived to be over 900 years old? I think I figured it out, just an idea. If you counted his predecessors and his descendants, the tally may come up to 900 years at the time of Noah’s death. This Noah of the Ark, who had his first sons at the age of 500.

Now if you think of other leaders from other nations and cultures of that past and closer to 1 BC some were counting an individual’s age in the hundreds. For instance a Roman who lived to be 1000+ years old. Some of the wealthy male Romans were known to have more than one wife. Imagine if those woman had multiple children, and their children had children and possibly more. That one Roman man could tally the years of all those lives and call himself having lived 700? 800 years of age. From his birth, to his death.

The other idea I had the other day, was also about Noah’s Ark and the massive flooding all over the Earth. No one I’ve ever known had a real idea as to how it could be possible for such floods to really have existed, other than it stormed a lot.

I have another idea to add to that. The moon controls the water tides on the Earth. If the moon got closer to the Earth, the tides would be more violent. There would be lower low tides and higher high tides. If it, the moon, got close enough, it could possibly move enough waters to places where it could cover a vast landscape, even covering low, maybe high mountains.

As the tides changed, so would the storm action. Now we all know the moon orbits the Earth. The storming might become much more violent, around the whole planet. If the moon were low enough to do this, it may not be able to quickly regain its normal orbit further away, which would mean the stronger tides and storms would last longer than normal.

Here is my idea, that I’ve never seen written of or spoken of in my own lifetime. And I have asked people and read about Noah. It’s a great story. What if, the moon were hit by an asteroid large enough, with enough mass and inertia that its orbit changed? Maybe it is possible the moon got pushed toward Earth long enough for Noah to get his massive flood. I realize that is highly speculative, but what if?

I’ve read somewhere, that there has been massive flooding on Earth before. Maybe many times. And we know the whole moon is covered in craters from asteroid hits. Some of those craters are very large, and appear to be very old.

Here is my last thought on the moon coming closer to the Earth. If it were hit by an asteroid, big enough, fast enough… AND it spun the moon, would it be possible that it could force it even closer because the orbit changed that much? Just an idea. If that were possible, then it could be the face of the moon we see today is not the same one Noah and past peoples saw in their time. I guess I’ll have to read up on that.

August 8, 2022. I found this image on a “dead”(no longer being updated, old) NASA web page. It shows the craters on the moon very well. I actually believe it is occasionally still collecting asteroids and pieces of comets that have been trapped in orbit around the Earth. This could be rock material as well as ice from other places. Still hits hard on the powdered surface.