Poetry Book in the Works

I’ve been thinking about writing a book on poetry and I figured out the subject! My life has not be simple and I’ve seen a lot of disruption in it and the world around me. Our world around us! My new little book of poetry, which I intend to sell on Kindle is called Peaceful Days. Just a collection of poems dedicated to peaceful daily thinking. It’ll be good for me, and for those who do not write and just want to read other’s words. Here is the very first writing I just did on it. First draft, unedited, off the cuff of the first poem in the book.

Day Break

The air is cool
The clouds are light
The wind starts to whisper its

The rays
spread like a fan
of a great bird
across the sky
so quiet
so proud.

I stand
in the shadow
of the Earth itself
a quiet moment
before the chords
of sunshine
light up
the ground all around me
for miles
and miles
as far as
I can see…
I’ll hear it
I’ll see it
Even smell it
as trees
and grasses
so many living things
take on warmth
like me!

We’ll be alive
in another moment
as the shadow is moved
behind us
and the sun
its place.

The air is cool
but it is moving.

The bugs
and the birds
are starting to fly
They know this is the cue
to begin their day.

As do I.