Being a Hollywood “Ghost Owner”

This is accurate, isn’t it. I was JUST A GHOST that helped create some of the biggest IP ideas in Hollywood in recent decades. Just helped. Maybe sparked too. Hard to say.

But I am not connected to money, not even a low paying salary at any studio.

Some people met me in person. Including MANY from Dreamworks, Amblin and Universal. Even the WGA and the Academy. Guilds too. But I am not THE OWNER of anything in L.A. Just a ghost owner I guess that was never made to be real.

Studio Ghibli used to know me. I was Spirited Away. Or an inspiration for some of it.

Just a spirit. And that’s why people shouldn’t be abusing me ever.
People must have panicked, thought I was a real owner.

If I were k-lled, people wouldn’t have even had the ghost that I am. And they did want me still for free IP ideas. Which I can’t give freely now.

BUT I AM A HUMAN BEING. I HAVE NEEDS. People are trying to keep me beholden and dependent on family for money… and they don’t have much because snoopers and their people kept stealing it from my people. Far outside of L.A.

A long time ago a man told me I could own names someday. It’s here now. I do own NAMES ONLY: “Amblin, Inc., Dreamworks, Universal Studios, Inc., Universal Pictures LLC” and more…

I don’t have money or position with people in L.A. because of NO MONEY. I can’t have too much, they may k-ll me for the money and not care if my body dies. I’m liked as a ghost.

THIS MAY HAVE HAPPENED in the 1970s because of foreign nationals who wanted to work but had a hard time getting a job not being a U.S. citizen. So they may have “joined hands” with me and my identity to get some cool things made in Hollywood over the years. May be why they’ve kept me away. My body anyway.

There may still be foreign nationals in the U.S. who HAVE MONEY but are not legal enough to be famous or well known but may have used my identity in L.A.

Must have gotten out of hand in the 1970s and 80s. They didn’t allow me to ever come back ABOVE THE LINE in a real, genuine way.

I was complaining about it originally, but the more I think on it I don’t really need to get L.A. at all. But people need to know WHICH PERSON I ACTUALLY AM. I’m NOT human trafficking people. I have no contracts even for that, let alone a working relationship with people in Hollywood.

I’ve really been just a ghost.

Update: 7/16/2022, Just came up with this story telling idea in another place. Adding it on here.


You what this looks like in another “life story”? It would be like a talented future doctor.. not in their teens yet, being trafficked by a migrant field worker living in tents, through their network the future doctor NEVER GETS THEIR REAL EDUCATION NOR PROFESSION and is forced to help illegals with delivering babies, stitches, colds/flus, emergency abortions and more–in tents, poor houses, even taken out of country. Never has enough money for a home, their own family. And one day decades later sees that now old migrant worker driving expensive cars and spending time with famous people. In my case, if I were that future doctor… some of my life-saving ideas may even be in the hands of a nobel prize winner on television news or some famous researcher in a magazine. Meanwhile I got older and find I have less people in my life than I did before I met the migrant worker who said he needed help for “his people” decades ago.