A Balanced Global Economy

Finding the combination of wealth, poverty and “insecurities management” may help us balance the world business economy so that it is always working and providing, never in an emergency crash(world-wide or local to certain countries) nor brazen surplus either.

Growing up watching the news here in the United States and just learning as I went always surprised me the extremes the economy took just in our own country. I have NOT spent much time studying the details that links us to the world other than the basics of foreign policy, trade, money exchange and some politics too. I am NOT an expert at all, but I DO know the meaning of what legal and illegal control is, and the power of creativity in fictional stories. The ability to change things is always available to us, all of us the human race globally and that’s not a bad thing. In fact, we should think about it more often, what it really means. I’m going to suggest it myself, how to look at it.

The non-politician’s view of politics. A lot of big-mouthed people jockeying for media attention and clout through the money and power of lobbyists with a whole lot of people standing behind and around. Then they get precision with the highest courts and leaderships we’ve voted on, or in other countries put up with after they forced themselves in. How do we rig this all in our favor? No, not the public’s favor. Those who are in the seemingly high places, seen and unseen in the media. They are constantly trying to rig the economy they exist in… local and global, in their favor. Remember that one.

Why is the business economy important? Without it societies would probably fall into some sort of distorted anarchy and chaos. There are people in small and big places, real and fraudulent ones trying to control some part of it so they look important, so they matter. Politicians and not. Even the child with the lemonade stand in the neighborhood is trying to hold onto a part of the overall economy, but just acting locally, very locally and niche.

After all this foundation in this blog post I am bringing you to this: A BALANCED WORLD ECONOMY, in total, complete, ongoing. Why isn’t this a goal? Why do we have extremes? Why don’t we have buffers, backups, reserves so that huge swings in funding and financing don’t affect any large groups, companies or countries even a single house hold negatively?

This is not far off from my other post on A World Plan. It is about thinking globally and treating the world business economy like one big business. The business of existence of the human race. Is there a reason we can’t think like this and work harder toward making it a reality instead of just something to laugh at in the bathroom during a corporate business convention?

* Note, this is NOT a suggestion of world communism. I am not saying there should not be levels of wealth from extremely poor to extremely wealthy.