KSPL a Non-Funded, Not-Licensed Radio Station

A long time ago in the 1970s, KSPL went live to a small audience and was repeated to multiple cities and states in the United States of America. Originally it was a self-funded, “public radio” that didn’t have a call sign or any real organization. Repeaters were “pirate radio operators” and continued the signal beyond its original 500ft.

By 1974, KSPL was a sought after radio signal attracting fans from all walks of life. It wasn’t funded and it received enough attention to get some tough protection initially, but its popularity caused fierce competition.

Over the decades the signal has been disrupted and boosted and the staff has survived multiple terrorist attacks. It was decided early on to keep KSPL out of the news media for the additional safety of the staff and friends involved.

Today in 2023, KSPL is still a self-funded broadcast to locals in California. There are NO formal agreements for content use transmitted and received. PIRATE RADIO OPERATORS may be using mechanical and also HUMAN repeaters and fraud knockoffs. Typical real content for KSPL are ordinary people living in retirement. They are non-criminal, non-mafia, non-gang affiliated. It is known that KSPL has a non-published signal frequency and is NOT responsible for criminal repeaters.

Please note: I am not admitting nor denying if I was or am part of the staff.