Americans Under Communism Within Our Own Borders

Picked up a reminder yesterday from someone other than me (I’m adding to the concept): “Americans thinking forward, optimism, ideas, work ethics, building, making money, going big.” –Is this for snoopers to use? Study Americans dreaming up ideas for money making and then force them to be simple, ruined people who never get very far in life… especially if they are a good source of the above?

THEN the people in the stores working look like foreigners and young people…ones even appearing to hate U.S. and people in general.

We even have politicians coming from low income families and little education having “platforms” and “thousands of people behind them”. –Out in public places.

Are some of the most verbose conversations happening in homes instead of coffee shops and schools?

In the U.S. are some of the brighter/original people in simple jobs while the less bright appear to be running stores, companies, even corporations?

Are the most “programmable” people the ones out in public doing the “most speaking” or “most direction”?

I’m not a communist… or I don’t think so. I believe someone with new ideas should be able to discuss them out in public. I believe bright people should not be damaged and destroyed, forced to sit at home with little money. Maybe they should be more profitable.

I think communism is not a bad idea if that what’s happening in the U.S. EXCEPT FOR THIS CONCEPT: Does this mean we do not have enough law enforcement? Brighter, original people are not protected enough… they are succumbing to terroristic people?

In my case I encountered these things in childhood:

  1. They thought I was in my 30s and an adult.
  2. They FREAKED OUT when they figured out I was a child. So much so THEY ORDERED DAMAGE to me. INJURIES.
  3. My identity was stolen and my ideas were given to adults. I got injured, drugged as a child and kept from knowing too many people. Sometimes I was actually kidnapped and kept in a home or house near or far from where I actually lived. Or taken to other places and left as if I were someone else.