Why SNOOPERS are a Bad Idea for Content Creators, in Support of WGA (Writers Guild of America)

for Robin Masters

I’ve been a target so long I forgot it was going on. This is why I have NO CAREER. I got ruthlessly snooped, then copy catted before I was even in grade school. I never became a professional at anything. I was forced to sit at home while others talked about MY IDEAS. Some people even capitalized off them. Some came after ME to pay them, even support their families while I had no job and they tried to get one with my ideas. Not a joke.

THE PROBLEM with never owning your own content is that someone else may be running around trying to sell it for themselves or other people. This is a BIG BAD NEWS THING for professional writers and they get protection by peers and professional guilds like The Writers Guild of America. I’m not a member, but I should be at this point.

SNOOPERS are as bad an idea as AI(artificial intelligence) for writers. They are basically saying, “No, we don’t want your writing–as yours.” This sounds very convenient to professionals who do not want to pay for a writer or a writer for paying a ghost writer.

What if a famous writer like Stephen King was known only a decade and then he “went into hiding or stopped writing to take up sports”? What if someone was forcing him NOT to work, NOT to earn, NOT to be attached to his own content? And during the time he is on hiatus or vacation… A NEW writer becomes famous? I believe this happens a lot in the entertainment business. Helping a new writer get started is one thing. Discovering a new talent sounds cool. But what if your favorite writer was forced to sit at home without a computer, no pen, nothing to write with or record their ideas and someone else sat with them day after day… writing notes they dictated and gave it all to someone else to be “famous with”? Would you approve of it? What if they were sitting at home and just finishing a new novel and were attacked, and the novel stolen and given to a different publisher even in another country? SNOOPERS steal things off computers. Hit people steal physical things from homes.

In support of WRITERS… we all, the world… every one of us… should BE HAPPY to pay a writer. Old ones, new ones, good ones… even some not-so-good ones. Not everyone is going to be great at it. In the United States, the Writers Guild is on strike as I write this. Yes, I am writing on my own. The professional writers who create content for screens are asking for content producers to renegotiate their contract work and give AI a backseat, maybe even toss it out of professional writing work. You can read more here >> WRITERS ON STRIKE

THIS SHOULD SCARE people that theft of content happens so regularly that it became acceptable along the way to law enforcement. What if the content was from a doctor? Or a scientist? And you, the injured goes to a specialist who has some of the ideas from a real doctor and pretends to know medicine–and charges you thousands of dollars over the year to heal you–and you never heal but they continue to make money?

This is why WE HAVE PROFESSIONAL people. We want the educated, approved, and insured to handle work that people pay for. We want regulation. We want honesty. I am behind the Writers Guild of America. I am not behind them IF they themselves or members sent criminal snoopers after me and others. It is a good time to COME CLEAN.

I wouldn’t have written about this when I was a youth. But now I’m 50 years old and I am sitting at home, a “never was”.