More Balance in Life for Better Household Wealth

Sounds kinda preachy! What is cool about this is I’ve SEEN THIS WORK FOR OTHERS. I didn’t get this for myself in life, so I want to share what I learned.

A more balanced society would have MEN WORKING more often. Their place AT WORK.. harder work(labor, administration, etc in work places such as industrial, agriculture and business)… than what the WIFE (male or female) is doing to care for the home(even alternate work or support work for offices). I SOUND REALLY OLD FASHIONED… but this system works.

Then if they have a child or children, their own or adopted… they have another liability and support “under their home roof”. The WIFE..(male or female) can be close to home to watch the upbringing of the next generation.


Notice that the “life work”(the board or plank or table) isn’t too much for the two to handle themselves. Together they are not overloaded. This illustration is including GRAVITY and a “board of weight”. The way to push more weight to the other is to lift one side higher.

The problem that occurs is a pair of people who are married… male and female or other mix… is that they are NOT holding their end up. IT TAKES BOTH PEOPLE in a marriage to HOLD IT UP. If one puts too much weight on the other… it causes stress.. too much unshared stress.. and causes all kinds of breakdowns.

Criminal MEN… are ones who sit at home and sabotage their partner. THEN wonder what happened to their household wealth. It is a BIGGER PROBLEM if the stronger person in the household is NOT working hard to their potential and need. If the weaker person is “at home” and not doing as much “heavy lifting” it is understandable and still sustainable.

There is a reason I humbly suggest MEN to be in work places requiring strength and endurance, even physical size. Yes, some women fit for this too. The DNA, physical separation of MAN and WOMAN… is that MAN is known for STRENGTH and PROTECTION and WOMAN is designed for nurturing and new birth. MAN AND WOMAN can both be talented, intelligent and wealthy.. no limitations on “earthly gains”. But the human bodies by design have intended uses. It is never to say a DNA or “female association” cannot be a leader and strong… it is just typical of the humanity that the DNA MALE has a greater physical potential to survive tougher environmental and health conditions.

What this looks like.. is that a pair of people… whatever their gender associations… is to choose the tougher one for workplaces and the less tough one for softer tasks. Even if both work from home or in professional and industrial spaces. Then at all times you have a LEAD and a SUPPORT. It can actually go back and forth between the stronger and the weaker. This kind of relationship made and carried on properly should create a stronger “team” or “unit” for gaining and protecting wealth. It doesn’t matter the level of wealth.

In my childhood… I came face to face with people from other countries who did NOT understand families and family units and how they work together. They must have been escaped criminals who did not know the value of an “honest living”. Their whole focus was to steal money and assets, and traffick people in their own favor.