Broken Nails

Is being said on the ‘wind’. It means connections are broken, people are UNCONNECTED.

I have a feeling because I was a “baby” various gang contacts dumped and dropped me as “useful” to them very early in my life. Too many people needed money! THEN people planned to help me have money… AND THEN… OVERSOLD me and anything I owned. Here I am decades into my life and I’m being snooped as a money source and I cannot afford my own life easily!

Ultimately, I am a victim of identity theft. It means I can’t do much no matter what… and the people using my identity may also be limited… UNLESS… they only used my name(s) as nicknames, not trying to use my identity paperwork to stay in the U.S.

“Forced to be a baby.” – the ‘wind’

Humans that Bridge Gaps

Railway Viaduct, Newport, Co. Mayo, Ireland was once a railway carrying steam trains, now is just a pedestrian bridge.

People in general are like bridges, also known as personal and professional connections. Myself and others that I know do feel like a bridge(s) and were controversial in that some wanted us, some needed us… some knew are connections were built very incorrectly and used badly too. Some helped me be a bridge some tried to “blow me up”.

Now I personally am authentically old(or well used, even with repairs along the way) and others need to take my place. You can’t mrdr me though, I am a human being who is simply RETIRED.. FULLY RETIRED NOW.

The analogy is… the “pieces of land” this bridge connected are eroded. This is not a “good place” to keep using or crossing upon. “Just go upstream or downstream a few miles and build a new bridge”.

Human retirees are like old retired bridges. Maybe originally they held up vehicles and many workers crossed them in a day… in their older ages birds land on them, grass and mosses too. A random sheep or dog and trail walkers cross. People even stand on them to enjoy the views or write poetry and paint pictures.

Old bridges stay around if they were useful and help newer people appreciate history. They may be made of good stones, or were built by a community that kept it working for generations. Old humans are like this too.

Lost and Found Bridges

I discovered early in life, some bridges that people crossed had different names to different people and the actual bridge may not have had a name for itself! Do you know how much trouble this would cause if people got the wrong directions and wrong names???

The message here is not every human being is YOUR BRIDGE to others, but they may be important to people you know. Big and small, short and tall, old and new, with or without a name.