For the Birds!

Why do I write stories that include animals and birds? Very easy to answer. Their actions speak more than words, and humans know what they mean to them. Most people who are literate enough to read a story or a news article have enough experience on Earth to understand simple gestures found in the animal world that can, but not always, illustrate a similar human gesture or meaning….without spoken language.

I actually like wild birds. They care for their own. Like humans, if something is wrong with them… they will not behave in a normal, respectable way.

Birds, like humans… can be dangerous. Doesn’t matter their size; no matter how beautiful their feathers, how agile they are in the sky, how well fed they are. Conversely, they can be the most endearing and respectable animal on Earth when NOT causing a problem somewhere.

Problem Solving

I need to write a more elaborate post here. Call this one a placeholder.

It is HUMAN to problem solve. It is actually a function of most animals. ANYTHING that has a brain… is a problem solver. We are supposed to be the highest animal on the Earth, the species with the greatest thinking and problem solving abilities. Are we doing our best in our daily lives?