Shaking the Sky

Massive cloud formation over a rainforest, likely after a rain in the Pacific Ocean far from large airports and heavy industrial cities. Photo used with permission of the artist.

In my early life I probably flew on at least 10 different airlines and sizes of planes, with 20,000mi+ over ground around the world before I was 10 years old. I have a great appreciation for flying and even wanted to be a pilot of something with hard wings. Not putting down such an amazing industry with this blog post. Actually wish to nudge visionaries to think how to keep flying machines in the sky with less disturbance and lower fuel costs. I know this kind of leap in technology may not happen before I pass on into the afterlife!

Here is what I started to write about on my newish X Corp account:

“Random question… (see whole post for equation question) I’ve not done any research on… would jet fuel fumes in the air.. kill airborne organisms that are GOOD AT holding moisture? Does the “air noise” cause problems for clouds to accumulate and gather enough moisture to be able to produce rain? One big jet plane = [this amount of noise/vibration in the air] + [this amount of chemical seeding/comtamination into the air] which… causes = [how much disruption in the process of producing healthy rain clouds?]

What this means is… Are we shaking the sky too much and causing the moisture to scatter before it can form nice rain clouds regularly?

Thousands of loud jet planes are flying in the global skies in any given minute.

What if tech visionaries came up with flying machines that still carry a lot of people, and fast… but interfere less with the air they fly in?

This blog post isn’t just about advancing flying machine technology, it is also taking a bigger ‘think’ about the sky itself and how it is so key in the ecosystem of the Earth that perhaps… we may be disrupting it considerably with the current flying technology we have?