Boosting the United States Postal Service

I wrote last month about things the U.S. Postal Service can do to boost revenue as it appears to be struggling. Here are some ideas.

  1. Raise the price of stamps, including the Forever stamp.
  2. Create a department of the U.S.P.S. that is fully digital and allows for its own levels of encryption for email. Branded, guaranteed to U.S.P.S.
  3. Create a NEW GOVERNMENT LEVEL postal service with high priority and best security. From post card up to something big like a bicycle?
  4. Create a NEW CREDIT CARD that benefits the U.S.P.S. and offers special discounts?
  5. A NEW MEMBERSHIP shipping program for individuals and businesses.
  6. A re-envisioned partnership with UPS, FEDEX and other services, maybe even Uber and Grubhub for same-day deliveries?

This is a repost and rewrite from scratch because some of my web sites were hacked a couple of weeks ago. I didn’t have an uncorrupted/usable backup of this blog site that included my most recent posts.

Alife Code

I have this little feel that I can create an algorithm for an AI life. Not a game, a thinking artificial life. Could be I’ll end up being more poetic and sci-fi… but at least I gotz a cool name for it!

What’s in code? What’s in a code. Sounds like a hot dog in a bun, but a lil more complicated.

Though I’ve had an awkward life, roaming around like a fool, I’ve also had some significant contributions along the way.

Alife Code. hrmm. Part of me wants to feel like a music composer at a piano, the other part wants to draw runes like I did last year. I’m not a computer, but like you I can stimulate my mind and memories with things that are familiar and vaguely familiar. Can a poet design a thinking pseudo-life?

(6/14/2021) First thought about it.

Any aware mind has one fundamental concept that it bases and builds its own life’s perceptions. Right and Wrong.

What comes next? What to do with a Right or Wrong. Do you leave it as it is, or do you change it–and in what way and manner?

(7/2) Driving on a road trip.

Respect. This is something cultural, but basic human societal rules globally has shaped ideas about it. I believe, this could be a scale. From ‘maniacal sociopath‘ to ‘ultimate humanitarian‘. The former being a serial killer, the latter an entity that won’t harm a human in any way to the point of self destruction. BUT, knowing self destruction would prevent further good deeds for humanity, that probably should not be an easy choice. Coding in a fail-safe in that humanity should always supersede machinery.

Now I have Right, Wrong and Respect. These may be the few key understandings of an artificial mind.


The beauty of change is that it is abstract.

Your input will help shape it.

A thriving society is one that is ever changing.

That means we should all be participating in shaping it.

A little poetry before I get back to my law studies. I was supposed to be doing some cleaning at home but I got a honey bee sting moving my paddle board early this morning. I was rushing, normally I would have looked where I put my hand. The rushing wasn’t necessary, and it disrupted my whole day, setting me back hours of work when I could have taken 10 seconds or less to see where I was placing my hand. I messed up that bee’s life too. They often die after a sting is given. My big mistake of the day. Consideration, before shaping up a day.

An Allegory of a Table

Imagine a square table top, one that a single person can carry. No legs on it, just the top.

A man or a women carries this table top and sets ONE corner on a brick wall that is just high enough to be like a leg.

Another person is very wealthy and they hire a small company to produce a fancy leg for the table and this person adds this to a SECOND corner.

Another person is clever and skilled, makes a leg for the table them self and adds it to the THIRD corner.

The last person to contribute finds a nearby stick on the ground and sets it under the FOURTH corner of the table.

Which corner or person are you, and which do you want to be?

It’s not a trick question, it is an answer for you to ponder. How do you value yourself, and what role is yours that you want to be? Which leg is the strongest, fastest, most valuable? There is no right or wrong answer. This may or may not be key in how you exist in this life you are given. This is just a fictional story. You can add to it too. Maybe you are one who is going to have dinner on this table, or maybe you are the bird that visits the person adding a leg. It’s up to you!

This is an original work. Just thought of it, wrote it out now. Please be honorable and acknowledge my authorship if you quote this elsewhere.