“the Houston Water Pull”

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Boosting this in a regular way for people to refer to. I’m not looking for money on this. This is goodwill during a time of crises. Actually, stood with adults a long time ago, perhaps even in Houston, Texas, U.S.A. after a big rainstorm and witnessed the waters everywhere. Told as a child, too much trouble to develop a system even though we tossed around legitimate ideas. Realize now, I was with people NOT ENTIRELY WELCOME THERE. Since that time I have visited Houston, mostly flying or driving through. It is a beautiful city!

Openly bringing this up for all to think about, maybe develop a better idea than me!

The Houston Water Pull

brief digital sketch illustration showing source water, pullpump tower and direction of flow to a new reservoir.

This idea is to use a very tall tower with a pump to pull water from a source area and up high enough to create a siphon effect on the other side such that once started, the pull of the water can continue without the pump running. This could be built in a series of pump towers to pull water across a long distance. There is an opportunity to even utilize the reservoirs as a source for a water purifier system. There is also a possibility the high pressure flow of the downhill water could be partially used for hydropower generation or other machinery–even creating a push-pump to increase speed and pressure of the water flow to help it go further.

I cannot make money off this system. I don’t think the idea is original. Just bringing it up for conversation. As I write this, Houston, Texas, U.S.A. is very flooded from Hurrican Beryl. If this system is created elsewhere, it could move water out of a flooded areas to dry areas that do not have a connection to a river.

The reference of “Thanks Houston for not mrdring me,” in the illustration above comes from one of my first visits in life to the city. I was mis-identified as a dangerous gang member!

Adding: Turbulent has a small system for hydropower–in mind. I have no verification they actually produce these units and sell them. Just another idea to chat about?


“Foreign policy” in the U.S.A. that is non-governmental. It can look very negatively mental.

Here is an example I want to write about. It is based on observations of more than one group of people. It is an illustration of what went on not pointing at a specific individual or group of people. This problem could be happening all over the world, not just the United States obviously.

A foreigner comes to the U.S. and gets good work. It could cause jealousy from their home country so much they send hit people to mess them up HERE… in the U.S.A. Then the hit men need enough work to stay. They may leave and if that original person stays, they may struggle their whole life because they got so damaged. They may have come on their own, may have been trafficked with the plan to mess them up. Or trafficked to get them away from their own country–like banishing them.

What if the original foreigner stays, not wealthy even ruined AND the hit people stay also? What if the original foreigner was supposed to be a leadership person for a gang or group of people in the U.S.A. and they are ruined, the hit people never leave…or the hit people are the gang or group who hit their leader over and over and more people within their group who make some money, but not enough for their own family? This example began with ONE PERSON coming to the U.S.A. Over time, this could involve thousands of people daily.

Taking Care of Planet Earth – a “Fish Cannon”

Helping the planet is such a big topic, I am going to make it real small right now by writing about this little invention. A “fish cannon” shows many wins. Simply: The fish that needed to get upstream are given a man-made device to do it, and humans get regular work assisting.

It is the job of the human race globally to help care for animals on planet Earth. In this example humans are overseeing, attending to a species that is also used as food. Food is important, isn’t it? And developing “live food” that is healthy helps us all… and it actually helps the waters it grows in too. So many wins!

Here is one system I am familiar with. Visited a future site when I was a youth and talked about it with other youths and adults. I didn’t realize how far it had come until today. Showing a video about it.

Presented by the U.S. Department of Energy, this is one of the many videos online.

The Big Chair

a repost from X.com/former Twitter.com

I keep referring to “my [professional] identity” having been stolen, bought and sold, used by others. THINK OF IT… like a seat at an exclusive business club.

Alone I could not get the chair in the first place, it existed because of people bigger than me. I got to visit and sit in it briefly in life while very defamed and discredited. Personally, I couldn’t afford to keep the seat funded, nor did I have enough friends to tell others to leave it in place. I did help each person who sat in the chair in big or small ways with what I did have. Sure it happens to other small people. It is why I can’t do much in society. Big people sit in that chair all the time.

What is the seat labeled? I’m not certain what the name is these days for the paperwork. It could be under “Steven” or “Mike/Michael/Miguel” or “Donna” or “Sarah” and other possibilities.

The Small Town Soap Box

fictional mini story

There in the middle of a small town square of a few hundred people… was a very practical wooden box about a meter square or three feet at every dimension. Every Friday afternoon before everyone went home for dinner one person stood on the box and spoke of the week’s currents. Another may stand up on it and give some advice, yet another may tell a short story or some jokes and that’s it every week. Who gets to stand on the soapbox? Well it could be the same people, or the whole town could take turns. What if the whole town did take turns and certain people were “always unavailable” when it was their turn?

One day a youth went looking for an older woman who was never taking her turn. He went to her home on the outskirts of town and knocked on the door. “Ma’am? Why haven’t you taken your turn on the box during my whole life? No one even wants to talk about you.”

The old woman was slow to begin then replied, “I stood on the soapbox for an hour in my youth. I was shaking from injuries and malnutrition and told the story about the sister town twenty miles away that was raided and burned to the ground. This town doesn’t even want to look at me because it reminds them of what happened.”

Invasive Rose-Ringed Parakeets in Kauai, Hawaii


I just read today that the population of Rose-Ringed Parakeets on the small island of Kauai appears to have doubled in less than a decade! What has gone wrong for humans has gone right for the birds? The humans though are losing income for themselves and products for their communities and beyond. The birds have a thriving flock.

What I humbly suggest is a capture program and sponsor big cages(aviaries) of small populations of the birds throughout the U.S. and perhaps other countries. These cages could be at places in public such as parks and zoos, even potentially at large shopping centers, big offices buildings too? Perhaps if done correctly, they can be used as part of an education program that talks about wild birds, farming, humanity’s responsibilities, being a pet owner and more. Maybe the youngest of birds can be domesticated and sold to private owners to help sponsor them all?

Are they good pets? Looks like if you spend enough time and attention with them. More information on Spruce Pets website Indian Ringneck Parakeet (Rose-Ringed Parakeet): Bird Species Profile (thesprucepets.com)

If you are daring group, you could even sponsor a small sized aviary at a local school, college, hospital with these birds. Perhaps hire junior zoo keepers, youth zoologists to care for them?

An example of a backyard at home aviary.
Buy online for your home, school or business and adopt some wild parakeets from Hawaii? Here is a small one I found on AMAZON.COM. An alternative is have one built on site.

What is an Oral Agreement?

To make it very simple: It is an agreement between two people or groups that is spoken not written. The only way to keep it together is to stay in touch. Over time a spoken agreement can be forgotten even if people didn’t mean to. To stay in touch means to speak about it again. If you don’t “keep it alive” in memories of all involved it will fade away.

The human race has learned to rely more on written agreements so that people have the documents to stay in touch with as reminders. The documents allow more complicated agreements. Written agreements that are signed and witnessed help people outside of the agreements(such as helpers, assistants, other contacts) understand what is going on, including law professionals and courts of law.

Hidden Meanings? Common People and Gang Cultures

Just want to bring something up that may have gotten me into more trouble than it should have.

Gangs and gang members have certain understandings about “how things go” or “how things are supposed to go” and what certain things mean. They have created associations to mannerisms, gestures, types of speech, types of work, and more and I AM VERY UNAWARE of them. They can be very regional also, which means 500 miles away other gangs interpret things differently.

IT WAS NOTED a long time ago in my youth that I was “politician minded” NOT “gang or gangster minded” when I approached contributing to public presentations including ideas for Hollywood and other entertainment cities. I was very young and NOT educated in the various cultures globally. I took things as common people do. Maybe even scholarly, academic interpretations also. THESE MAY NOT BE THE SAME as local gang cultures.

Thankfully some people very early on ALLOWED ME to carry my own culture and approaches to understanding and interpreting the “world around me”. I learned as I went. I did learn about leaders and followers. I also learned about jealousy and ignorance and also pure anarchy. I have witnessed what is dangerous and also what helps everyone get along.

I may not have a common understanding of everything with anyone, yet… there are people who have understood me well enough that early in life I got to meet with important people. I was allowed to get very important people in person to chat with. They may have been important to gang members more than the general public. What they likely decided on is that I am NOT THE THREAT. It is NOT ME myself. They know the real players, and some WERE THE REAL PLAYERS. I have been a baby to those very big people.

Some gang people out in public have a very big chip on their shoulder. They may have done a lot of very important things however I personally don’t know them nor what they did. Please forgive me if I am the ignorant one. Okay? In all fairness I got VERY RETIRED from all kinds of people early in life. I have not been interacting much with anyone. Didn’t really need to.

Using “I” a lot in my writings, wishing it known that my interpretations and opinions are my own. Clearly am pointing at myself.

Mike W. Are You There?

Update: May 31, 2024 158pm “RV Steven” showed up with his van in the parking lot nearby. NO Mike W. THAT should tell mafia and gangs everything. He is not my bf or husband I don’t know him/them at all. In the 1970s they were tall lean men who eavesdropped on many in neighborhoods and were connected to Santa Barbara, CA people.

Original Post

the ‘wind’ wants ME to MEET with Mike W. IN PERSON TOMORROW 5/31/2024, 2pm in my neighborhood. I will agree to this! (Where I put my garbage bins for pickup). They say it is the one I know from Fast and Furious. (insert squeeeeeming of women, yelling of men!!) I am retired, can’t do much can chat though. I have no fight in mind, he can yell at me if he wishes, I can yell back too?

San Diego Police Department welcome to attend. There is probably a restraining order, however, it is not personal… it is business if he(this Mike) wants this opportunity. I am willing to chat. I don’t want trouble though. I am aged, and still feel old gang attack injuries daily sometimes.

The “San Diego me” may be old Thinkfast herself. He would know that one from Fast.

Threats on the ‘wind’, Right Now

I may have neighbors waiting to harm me no matter what I write online or offline. It is not clear to me why they would other than I am not a hired writer* in the United States of America… where all citizens actually have a RIGHT OF FREE SPEECH here. We don’t have a right to encourage violence and illegal things.

*There are some people who get jealous quickly even of people who can write decently and are not professionally hired or paid. I am not even certain who would cause harm to a decent, unpaid, amateur writer? A professional writer? A gangster child who looks for things to be jealous of anywhere with anyone?

I feel there may be terrorists living nearby, the kind who are so fearless they even threaten law enforcement and are willing to combat even try to rob and slander active U.S. military(I am child of someone who was in the U.S. Armed Forces doing civilian-like things who died a long time ago).

Just posted some writing on Donald Trump and the ‘wind’ came alive about harming me. Honestly. Am not certain who is on it nor who they are calling upon to pay attention. I have been injured by gang members in the past and was not certain what was going on. Really had more than my “fair share” of taking blows in life. I’m supposed to be an average retired person now. My opinions are my own, and mostly try to be very objective and constructive in my expressions.