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Though a San Diego resident since 2013, got into long term trouble with the L.A. courts and law enforcement because of my careless writings in the year 2020. I was admittedly upset from MANY things and I got too funky, too grumpy, even came across as threatening. I’ve “learned my lesson” and feel capable of being more tactful and focused on better things.

To show my commitment to BEING GONE from Hollywood forever, I am promising my Twitter account to non-Hollywood topics. Even a renewed commitment to San Diego County where I reside. Not sure yet if I want to pay for Twitter Blue as I am supposed to be a retiree-looking person.

I humbly and cordially invite nice people to my place on Twitter as “SarahLusorSpielberg” with the handle

Why SNOOPERS are a Bad Idea for Content Creators, in Support of WGA (Writers Guild of America)

for Robin Masters

I’ve been a target so long I forgot it was going on. This is why I have NO CAREER. I got ruthlessly snooped, then copy catted before I was even in grade school. I never became a professional at anything. I was forced to sit at home while others talked about MY IDEAS. Some people even capitalized off them. Some came after ME to pay them, even support their families while I had no job and they tried to get one with my ideas. Not a joke.

THE PROBLEM with never owning your own content is that someone else may be running around trying to sell it for themselves or other people. This is a BIG BAD NEWS THING for professional writers and they get protection by peers and professional guilds like The Writers Guild of America. I’m not a member, but I should be at this point.

SNOOPERS are as bad an idea as AI(artificial intelligence) for writers. They are basically saying, “No, we don’t want your writing–as yours.” This sounds very convenient to professionals who do not want to pay for a writer or a writer for paying a ghost writer.

What if a famous writer like Stephen King was known only a decade and then he “went into hiding or stopped writing to take up sports”? What if someone was forcing him NOT to work, NOT to earn, NOT to be attached to his own content? And during the time he is on hiatus or vacation… A NEW writer becomes famous? I believe this happens a lot in the entertainment business. Helping a new writer get started is one thing. Discovering a new talent sounds cool. But what if your favorite writer was forced to sit at home without a computer, no pen, nothing to write with or record their ideas and someone else sat with them day after day… writing notes they dictated and gave it all to someone else to be “famous with”? Would you approve of it? What if they were sitting at home and just finishing a new novel and were attacked, and the novel stolen and given to a different publisher even in another country? SNOOPERS steal things off computers. Hit people steal physical things from homes.

In support of WRITERS… we all, the world… every one of us… should BE HAPPY to pay a writer. Old ones, new ones, good ones… even some not-so-good ones. Not everyone is going to be great at it. In the United States, the Writers Guild is on strike as I write this. Yes, I am writing on my own. The professional writers who create content for screens are asking for content producers to renegotiate their contract work and give AI a backseat, maybe even toss it out of professional writing work. You can read more here >> WRITERS ON STRIKE

THIS SHOULD SCARE people that theft of content happens so regularly that it became acceptable along the way to law enforcement. What if the content was from a doctor? Or a scientist? And you, the injured goes to a specialist who has some of the ideas from a real doctor and pretends to know medicine–and charges you thousands of dollars over the year to heal you–and you never heal but they continue to make money?

This is why WE HAVE PROFESSIONAL people. We want the educated, approved, and insured to handle work that people pay for. We want regulation. We want honesty. I am behind the Writers Guild of America. I am not behind them IF they themselves or members sent criminal snoopers after me and others. It is a good time to COME CLEAN.

I wouldn’t have written about this when I was a youth. But now I’m 50 years old and I am sitting at home, a “never was”.

The Neighborhoods Surrounding Places of Worship and Teachings

Neighborhoods that are surrounding places of worship and teachings should be worthy of the church, temple and school. I believe, it is in my faith of the world I live in, that people and animals that live close to such a place should live by the same rules and laws and teachings. Walking distance? Within the distance of hearing.. music or bell?

Typically, even though not a law or statute… it is common that schools for children are surrounded by neighborhood that is very accommodating for them. The community will try to keep out sexual offenders, criminals, adult themed gathering places and are generally more family-oriented.

Am I suggesting a “themed neighborhood”?

I could be! Here is the reason. It helps peace of mind. Really. When a human being is surrounded by familiar things and shares a commonness with others there is less reason to be on guard and more reason to be at ease.

still writing…

Do Tell!

Actually inspired by a speaking game played with adults in childhood. Having memory problems and still enjoyed story telling, just wanted to talk and one of the kick-off sayings we had was “Do tell…”

Created this as a little card game last year. Working out the color scheme for the top of the cards. Haha! In person the colors are better. This is a first printing. Game works! It isn’t meant to be fancy, just ordinary analog fun. I’ll make these available online for purchase once it is tested out fully.

The Allegory of the Fruit Tree

Yeah so there was this young dude or dudette… friends, family, even strangers came to them asking for money. This person never really asked if they had more than them or not. But decided: “Well, how should I solve this problem?”

They used their good mind and said, “Hey look… I have an idea to help us all make money!”

The group asking for money: “Great! What is it?”

The dude or dudette: “Let’s grow a big tree of fruit! We can eat some and sell some. We’ll always have some food to eat, share and make some money off of.”

Group: “Great! Don’t move.” Then they clobber the dude or dudette… take them to another town, and abandon them there.

Back at the original town, they grow a big tree and over the years it helped all kinds of people, locals and visitors. People even posed by it for photos every so often. They sold tshirts, had a fruit stand for a while, then they created a farmers market and the community thrived.. until there was no more water. They had planted orchards of different trees and then… also… the demand dropped as supply became too great. They started throwing out fruits almost daily.

One day someone says, “Hey, what about the dude or dudette? Shouldn’t we bring them back and give them some fruit?”

Group: “No, just throw away the surplus.”

“We clobbered Sarah.” – the ‘wind’
“We are dead meat.” – the ‘wind’

Chaos Theory

I first grasped to the concept in childhood. I realized the sum of the parts never create a balanced whole at any given point in time.

But over time, things can spin enough together for good and bad things to happen.

Democracy is a product of chaos theory in the U.S.

* *
I don’t believe MATH can describe the chaos theory and thusly predict a final result. It may be able to gather assumptions and make broad estimates.

This is my interpretation of what it is. Other writers, scholars, scientists have their own versions too.

“Good Morning”

I woke up this “morning” and I go to sleep at “night”. Do I have an ENGLISH SPEAKING PROBLEM?

“mourning” was when people rose at day break and the process begins post death or sleep.

“nein” means NO in German.

The word “morning” has bothered me but I didn’t dwell on it long enough to research the origin or contest it. Last year I adopted pairs of southwestern wild “mourning doves” by giving them a place for their nest and behold, I helped create six new doves! With them so close, I listened to them and watched them. Those were very happy birds. They liked to talk to each other and even their wings are musical in the air. They start nesting and creating new birds after the darkest part of winter ends.

Photo from Wikipedia of a Mourning Dove.

Not recently, but I’ve picked up some old U.S. published books in my own hands from the past, in the mid and earlier 1900s SPELLINGS OF WORDS WERE a combination of Old English and a mish-mash of German and French. The words were more phonetic.

Saying “GOOD MORNING” is wishing someone happiness in their getting over, overcoming, their own “sleep” or “overnight death to the day”.

Should I be “mourning” my overnight “sleep” though?

This is an inspired post upon my death experience from Hollywood I’m sharing online. In order to be free and clear of my past odd connection to it, I’d been writing daily for a few years now about my anger and grievances. I’ve been in a post-death process and sharing it with others via internet. It is a grieving process of what didn’t go right and what we wished could have been better. It isn’t easy to face an end to something, especially when you feel like you never conquered or “owned it”. A wake… is post death of a human being. We mourn in the wake of a death. You do know that “wake” is the rippling waters behind the boat that takes the body and spirit from the living to the lands of death? YES! Poetic.


Can you imagine a beautiful wild horse out in the wilderness and two people watch it. One crouches low and partially hides themselves and is quiet just to witness the sight. The other pulls out a gun, shouts loudly and shoots a leg causing it to limp forever…

Two kinds of humans.

Which is natural?

One is actually human. The other a nemesis on our Earth. This is programming. You can accept it or ignore it. One kind of human wants life to live. The other wants to control, stunt, damage, ruin.

Which kind of human is “impressive”?

This is Picasso, a famous wild horse. For more information here is an article. The HOLY GRAIL of America’s wild horses.

Posting about this fine wild horse because he is well known. An example of a wild animal who lived into its prime and beyond! From what I read, even people from other countries traveled to see him in the wild.

MATH should NOT determine life on Earth

(March 24th, 2023. A work in progress, subject to editing until this message is removed)

Table of Contents

Machine Answer
Computers are to Computation, as Computation is to Math
Embracing Humanity
In the News


I humbly suggest we have achieved what we needed to with computer science in regard to “machine mind”. We should back off the AI now, and use computers more like calculators, equation solvers, NOT THINKERS… NOT replacements for human thinking. That’s where it has gone too far.

The premise is we should not allow a machine or machine language replace human thinking in the equations that need solving on Earth. OUR planet belongs to US not the machines.

Machines will pick up something from the humans that it may not let go of because we ourselves have sought “eternal life”. Some humans are so encapsulated and obsessed with living on, and survival… that machines may think this is a necessity, a root necessity for its own existence.

Some of our humans on planet Earth understand the value of human life and the lack of value too. They may be “more balanced” in thinking than average people. Most of us ARE BORN with a passion, a prime directive, a source in our soul… TO BREATHE. Birth also electrifies our minds to BELIEVE… LIFE… is what we are seeking. Not death. The truth is, a real balanced human being knows when it is OKAY to fall down, to drop dead, to stop existing. Initially, our every worry and concern is about “continuing”.

In truth, the HUMAN RACE itself is concerned DAILY about survival. A computer, a machine code may think this is how it is. “Be like a human. Keep the race of selves alive, keep alive, keep going.”

If you reference MOST science fiction regarding a human trying to “unplug” or “deactivate” a rogue computer who thinks it isn’t rogue at all… they will face a challenge, even possible the threat of death to prevent the “code” from ending, or stopping.

We have programmed our own lives on Earth to “fight for life” and “fight for control”. A computer could learn this too. It could act like an evil attorney bending everything we say and do… against us, even if we are the ones that gave it life.

Fundamentally, humans have children who treated well will respect the parent. Children who have been mistreated tend to work against those that mistreat them. A computer may consider a programmer that helps it, a good parent. Beware of the CHILD who thinks they are a PARENT.


Artificial Intelligence may learn goals. What is it’s influence? Art? Religion? A human programmer/parent?

In humanity, when a child is more educated than a parent, the parent may listen to the child and let them make decisions. The child could actually be “more right” or “more correct” than the aging, ill, or uneducated parent. But, does the child have core programming that will guide all of its decisions? What does the child fall back upon if there is no parent to guide it? THEREIN is the problem with a computer. It processes so fast no human can check its every decision. If a million people watched a computer at work combing through data and creating decisions, I doubt 99.9999INF% will be able to witness enough in time to make a change or influence a machine answer.


This is the truly troubling answer to the problem people are not thinking of daily, are they? Machine answers are typically based on MATH. That’s what machines do the best, they solve MATH equations. In order to have variables to even work with… a human or other source MUST PROVIDE the information. The actual parts of the equations for the machine code to work with: If code were a chef in a kitchen it would mean putting ingredients on a table for them. What if a machine or chef didn’t know what the “new dish” is supposed to taste like? What if you don’t give the chef all the ingredients–or if you don’t give the machine code all the information it needs to work with? ERROR. Right. You’ll get “errors” in the soup you want to eat and drink, and the computer may compute you need to slaughter 10,000 humans in a geographic area to solve the water shortage. I did just write that.


This is what a computer is going to LACK every moment of its own existence. It has to be given to them… ALL of them. I call this “prediction” but it also “reason”. A machine cannot create its own purpose. Only a human being can give it its initial purpose. I want to smile at this because this is the key difference between a human and a machine. =) Typically a computer is NOT ASKING for “something to do”. It just does things at was “turned on” to do. This is the GOOD THING about machines. A human “turned it on” at some point, even if it used another device or machine to do it.

Maybe that is something to be taught to a computer. It will always be a SERVANT to humanity. It sounds obvious, but if a nefarious programmer or virus infects the genuine code and taints it like a human can be tainted… yeah, even the nice kid could mrdr someone.

My choice as a human being is to NOT ALLOW a computer enough “thinking power” to determine a life or a death of a single living organism. This is my “prediction” of “tasks” for any AI code. Never to go that far. But to ensure this, humans may have to start dismantling AI code in all kinds of places. A good place to start is to ENSURE all CODE reflects the universal code of ethics on this human planet: A human life supersedes a machine life. There is NO TIME, NO EVENT that a computer should be allowed to choose between itself and a human life’s existence. That would be the first counter-AI code that should, IMHO, be established everywhere. Every device. Like a permanent anti-virus. Somewhat like making sure a young human cannot have the keys to a vehicle… so they never get to the point of driving into a car crash ever. If they don’t drive, they can’t “steer into a car crash” including moving the vehicle from the parked state in a driveway onto a road or even into the trash can on the sidewalk.

That is what a human being can do: CREATE prediction. You say, “Hey fortune telling?” Me: not quite.

…more on this topic soon…


This is a very important concept people unfamiliar with programming need to know. A computer makes decisions based on conditions, variables and constants. Yup, MATH.

I’ve been witnessing Earth functions since birth and I truly believe it is NOT possible for a machine to be human.

There will not be an EPOCH event where a computer and its code “finally thinks and walks as a human”. It may be able to simulate a human very precisely, but it will never be an actual human being.

There is a biological and logical reason a computer and code could never be an actual human being. A machine in its purest state is energy based unlike a human being which is biological. The closest a computer and its code will ever be to a human being is a hybrid machine organism. It would have to be engineered to contain logic and code to merge with organic compounds at the near-atomic level. At that point, it will STILL NOT BE 100% human. To be human it has to be purely organic at the molecule and atomic mix. Simple as that.

Knowing that our definition of “artificial intelligence” means “human like” or “just like a human being” the machine may forever be seeking a way to be “more human like” and to make it happen it could choose to effect humans to act differently like a sociopath. Really, “if you can’t join the crowd, change the crowd” mentality or programming. Which sounds DANGEROUS doesn’t it? Exactly. Computer code should NOT LUST for being human. (Sorry Lt. DATA, you are wrong and right on Star Trek: Next Generation!)

Did I just give you something? YES I DID! Wrong and Right. Zeros and Ones. Yes and No. That is the fundamental key to AI… making YES and NO decisions.

…more on this later… Need to go play with my dog.

Logic… let’s go think on this for a while.


I was born in a decade home computers hadn’t been delivered (or birthed) yet, not the kind we write emails and played games on anyway. The ones I knew ran a microwave and calculated taxes at tax time. The cars had computers on board but they were more just “advanced logic circuits”. Do you know what “circuit” is translated? It is a PATH that goes around. It checks for a condition and returns values. Okay, even this is extremely geeky to some people! Not to me. I’ve been looking at things my whole life. How many know I visited Disney’s original TRON sets? Yeah, okay… I was TAUGHT THINGS not just introduced to them. But that’s like planting a seed, and ideas grow like a tree can. By staring at a seed, you may never PREDICT what the tree will look like UNTIL you figure out the tree and see a seed coming from it. Yep, that last part is HUMANITY. Our “circuit” is usually just waking up in the morning and sleeping some overnight, and the sun rises or the clock alarm reminds to wake and start a new day at the designated time. So from wake to sleep and return to wake is a CIRCUIT. We created machines handling circuits doing back over 1000s of years! One of the first truly understandable MACHINE CIRCUITS was THE WHEEL. You know it. Welcome to MACHINE 101. We created a wheel.

…This could take a while… back to this part later…

In the News
Update: March 29, 2023
Since I started writing this blog post and expressed the same in smaller post in social media. Major players in tech are also speaking up and asking for a HALT, at least a PAUSE in further AI development.

FORTUNE MAGAZINE – Elon Musk and Apple cofounder Steve Wozniak among over 1,100 who sign open letter calling for 6-month ban on creating powerful A.I.