About me

I’m Sarah. I was also known as Steven in the early 1970s. I was overwhelmed by adults who took my ideas to Hollywood and used my names there. I didn’t get to change my name legally to Steven Spielberg, and the truth is I was afraid to because I knew men were using it so much and they had guns. People knew me, but tried not to know me. It’s debatable if it was for my protection or to get any involved money. It’s 2021 now. Legally I am “Sarah Spielberg”(but use it as a pen name), I still use my birth name Sarah Abrams Char since most people knew me as that these past decades. Please see the links below for an update.

For more information about who I am please visit:

SOL III. http://soliii.com

IMDB. http://imdb.me/sarahabramschar

WILD PET IDIOTS. http://wildpetidiots.com

Other web sites I am working on:

Weekend Filmmaker. http://weekendfilmmaker.com

Human Bounce. http://humanbounce.com

Re: Sarah Spielberg the realtor in Los Angeles. Not me! I first used the name “Sarah Spielberg” in the 1970s. This woman who sells real estate married Max Spielberg or another person in Los Angeles decades later and changed her name. The name Spielberg was for communicators, not realtors. There were other “Spielbergs” in Los Angeles in the 1970s at Universal and Disney. I imagine she is just trying to look cool.

More on my involvement with Sugarland Express.

I was involved with the updating and additional photography that changed the whole motion picture years after the first movie was created. I was the female director partner, but I was a child. That director Steven nearly married my mom and he was going to adopt me for real. What ended up happening it the Hollywood machine messed him up a lot and he took up using the name Steven Spielberg for years, but others did too to make all those intellectual properties like Back to the Future and Indiana Jones. I got messed up too and was stuck in Hawaii to grow up there away from Hollywood/Los Angeles pedophiles. Seriously, there were many in the 1970s and 80s for sure. There is a whole history with me and E.T. too, but for now I am going to refrain from writing about it publicly.